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The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

Stacey Baker

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights
Amendment I
5 freedoms protected
Amendment II
Amendment III
Amendment V (5)
Amendment VI (6)
Amendment VII
Amendment VIII (8)
Amendment IX (9)
Amendment X (10)
Protects the rights of the people to own guns
Prevents the military from forcing people to house soldiers
Privacy of the home
Protects the people from "unreasonable searches" of people or their property
Rights in CRIMINAL trials
Value over $20: jury trial allowed
After a jury decides the facts, a judge cannot overturn that decision
People have
all other
rights even if they are not listed in the Constitution
ex: voting/marriage/school
Powers not given to the federal government, or prohibited by the Constitution, are the powers of the
states or the people
Keeps balance of power between federal gov't and states.
Congress shall make no law...
Two guarantees of religious freedom:

1. "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion" =

official faith of the United States
laws that favor one religion over another
"A wall of separation between
church, and state."
-Thomas Jefferson
2. ...""Congress shall make no law.... ....or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" =
People can believe, or not believe what they want, without fear of punishment
Press= all the media and agencies that print, broadcast, or gather and transmit news
: unpopular speech is protected

speech (actions that express an idea)

Not those that
public safety:
"fire in crowded theater"
Citizens can use public property to gather peacefully for meetings or demonstrations
The right to present requests to the government
Debate over meaning:
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Amendment IV (4)
1. Right to
grand jury

to formally accuse a person of a serious crime.
2. No

(can't be tried twice for same crime)
1. Right to a speedy, public trial
2. Right to an impartial jury
3. Right to know charges against you
4 .Right to hear and question witnesses against you
5. Right to an attorney to assist in defense
Before trial: protection from
After trial: protection from excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishment.
Before property in searched, authorities must get a
search warrant
that says exactly who will be arrested,
what will be searched
Evidence obtained without a warrant is
not able
to be used in court
watchdogs of government
Encourages gov't to be open and honest with people
Encourages Americans to share their ideas and views
The right to ask the government to do something, or not do something
4. Must have
due-process of law
(limits and standards on laws in an effort to guarantee fairness and justice. )
Law must be applied fairly
3. No self-incrimination (can't be forced to say things that could be used against you)
Eminent domain
Your private property can't be taken "without just compensation"
take your property for a public use.
Rights in CIVIL trials
A review song...
Bill of Right protects us from
majority rule:

(the greatest # of people make policies for everyone)
Protects the rights of small group and minorities
Amendments 2-4
relate to colonial disputes with Britain
reflect the ideas in the Declaration of Independence
Amendments 5-8: to protect people accused of a crime
Amendments 9 &10:
All rights protected that aren't listed in #1-8
Does not protect
lies meant to damage reputation or
: intentionally writing lies that harm another person
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