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My Future 2


Ewerton Silva

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of My Future 2




Com apenas uma ligação você terá um profissional para atender todas as suas necessidades!
Estar sempre próximo ao cliente
Excelência em serviços e reparos
Investir em equipamentos e qualificar os técnicos
But when its about your child's future, you cannot rely on just 2 options ...

Ser uma empresa de referência na região em que atua
Manter a qualidade dos serviços
Ser reconhecido como a melhor opção para os clientes

Foco no cliente
Superação dos resultados
So you are stuck with two 20th century top professions for your 21st century kid

So, let's take a look at some
lucrative, challenging options...
Stop preparing your child for 20th century in 21st century, change them before the change ...
But the question is...
How do I do that???
I bet you are all wondering the same thing...
Let me explain...
How it changed?
20 years ago the brightest kids used to go for science
20 years ago the engineering was most chosen career
10 years ago Aptitude was not that important
But today it plays an important role in determining one's ability to get ahead in ever changing world
Career Entrances
It will be a necessity to get into anything in the future
Ok... but who is going to guide me through change ?
using Indus methodology
Indus World School (IWS) is envisioned as a chain of professionally managed schools that understand the demands of a 21st century education and brings to school education the expertise of its parent entity; CL Educate (formerly Career Launcher).
CL educate, popularly known as Career Launcher
Enabling students for 18 years
170 locations and 225 learning centers
So, in the most essential terms...
Career Launcher exists
to help million people each year
so that their DREAMS...
Become -
Taming Change
We have been pioneer in introducing new methods in field of education and ...

... we have a reputation of taming every change that comes in the field of careers
So, the expert team of CL has brought to you a program to future proof your child's career
Our expectations
Sadhana Benifits
Increase in Mental calculation abilities and logical reasoning
Enhancement in vocabulary and reading comprehension
Aptitude and test prep for career of student's choice
Edge over counterparts
Future proof career
...Is going to be
Let us see, how much you have
explored ....
A idéia surge da necessidade de atender as expectativas por um mundo ecologicamente correto.

While your child can pursue
hobbies like writing, painting or singing
in spare time, he need to do something
that will provide for his expensive taste
and to satisfy yours and his desire to impact the world with his awesomeness
The world of IT is changing the learning and testing models
For sake of your child
Indus World School
Summer Intensive Integrated Coaching
Preparing your kid for the future professions and opening many career paths other than engineering and medical
The Method...
Preparing kid for future exams by making him good at Aptitude
take a breath
and stop following heard mentality
1. Primary and backup career goals
2. Save child's time, review and monitor
3. Focus on performance and discipline
4. Fee
5. Knock off a family event
Está com Problemas hidráulico,elétrico e reparos em sua casa?
A empresa
surgiu a 3 anos com o intuito de serviços e reparos residencial para mulheres e clientes.

Pra que
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