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D91 Graduate Project: "Project Portfolio"

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Transcript of D91 Graduate Project: "Project Portfolio"

The Proof of Project
Project Portfolio
Your graduate portfolio is a collection of all forms, documentation, and photographs that should document the entire project.

Did you draw an outline of your project? Did you write a letter to your mentor? Did you purchase supplies for your project? You should include all important evidence of project completion here in the portfolio. If you have questions about including something in the portfolio, ask your Graduate Project Advisor!
Portfolio Description
Though your portfolio will be somewhat unique to your project, it MUST include the following:
Cover Page (first and last name, year of graduation, project title)
Table of Contents
Introduction Section
Letter of Introduction to Panel
Proposal Section
Graduate Project Approval Form and Project Proposal Letter
Forms Section
Contact Information Sheet
Signed Parent Permission Form
Mentor Section
Graduate Project Mentor Agreement Form
Graduate Project Mentor Mid-Project Report Form
Graduate Project Mentor Final Evaluation Form
Copy of Mentor Thank You Letter
Evidence Section
Letters and other communications relevant to the Graduate Project
Photos of project work (at least 5) or a video clip of at least 5 minutes length
Project Log (15 hr. minimum on the project itself, not the research)
Research Section
Annotated Bibliography (at least 5 sources including your mentor)
Reflection Section
Reflective Essay
Portfolio Guidelines
Here are examples of the portfolio cover, project photos, and tabs, The portfolio doesn't need to be printed but it should be neat. To view more sample Annotated Bibliographies, see the link on the Student Graduate Project page on the D91 website.
Portfolio Samples
Portfolio Cover
The cover should include the title of your project, your name, and the date.
Project Photos
The photos should depict multiple stages of the project.
Project Photos
More photos of the project.
Portfolio Table of Contents
The portfolio should be organized with a table of contents. This page should have been done more neatly.
Portfolio Tabs
The portfolio should be organized with tabs to separate the sections.
The Activity Log should describe the dates, times, and activities accomplished during your project. You must document at least 15 hours of work on the project itself (not including research). Notice the careful time-keeping. To view more sample Activity Logs, see the link on the Student Graduate Project page on the D91 website. NOTE: Use the middle mouse button to zoom in/out.
Sample Activity Log
The Annotated Bibliography should include all the sources you used to research and complete your project. Notice the way the bibliography explains how each source influenced the project. However, this sample includes sources from three different projects. This sample forgot to italicize the opening paragraph. To view more sample Annotated Bibliographies, see the link on the Student Graduate Project page on the D91 website. NOTE: Use the middle mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
Sample Annotated Bibliography
The Letter of Introduction should introduce yourself to the panelists. Notice the way the writer includes an explanation of the importance and relevance of the project. To view more sample Letters of Introduction, see the link on the Student Graduate Project page on the D91 website.
Sample Intro Letter
The Mentor Thank You Letter is a way to thank your mentor for helping you complete your project. Notice the specific appreciation in this letter. Generic thank yous are always less effective. A "thank you for xxxxx" is always better than a plain "thank you". Be sure to proofread your letter before delivering it. You will want to avoid errors such as the repetition of paragraphs in this sample. NOTE: Use your middle mouse button to zoom in/out.
Sample Mentor Thank You Letter
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