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Life in England in the 1860's

History Project


on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Life in England in the 1860's

Families In the 1860's the families were much bigger than they are today. The reasoning behind this is that many children often died, so with this in mind, families produced more children with the expectation that less or around half of them would live. JOBS in the 1860's For Women In the 1860's, some of the most common jobs for women included servants, dressmakers or school teachers. Women were also known to clean clothes for money. For Men In the 1860s, some of the most common occupations included blacksmiths, carpentry and wagon making. Family Status The majority of families were working class. This meant that a family earned money from an average paying job to manage the family expenses. To be considered middle class, you has to have at least one servant. 1867, Milton, Kent England, 3 Park Road

A young man, Fredrick Forster arrives home to his wife, Sarah Forster, his young son Leonard and his baby daughter Caroline. My ancestor's story... hi "Oh," he gasped. Fredrick took a cautious step towards their new baby. Sarah looked up at him and smiled. The baby's head followed its mother's. "Its a girl," Sarah informed him, her eyes never leaving the baby.
"A girl?"
"Oh," Fredrick said again. "Can I hold her?"
Sarah passed him their new baby girl.
"What should we name her?" he asked
"Caroline." Sarah told him.
"Caroline." Fredrick smiled. "My beatiful daughter"
The next day.....
frederick stumbled on his way down the stairs the next morning.
"goodmorning darling," he called to Sarag as he walked in the kitchen. He kissed his son on the head as he walked by.
"Morning dad," leonard said. Life in England in the 1860's Hangman true or false!! Hangman! What was Fredrick's job? ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Fashion Men's fashion in the 1860's was very simple. If a man was had a "less fancy" job (such as a farmer, labourer, blacksmith etc) his clothes would be a simple pair of pants, and a white shirt. If the man was the head of a company or if the man was rich and had no job, he would commonly be seen in a suit and hat. Women's fashion could be as simple as a man's, or it could be very difficult to manage and have very detailed add-ons. If a woman were to be in the working class and working at home, her dress didn't consist of hoops skirts or vibrant colours but instead muted colours and a simple fabric made for easy movement for a woman's chores. However, if a lady was going to a ball or to an event, her dress would usually consist of deep, rich colour with hoops hidden in the bottom of the skirt. Ruffles in the fabric weren't unusual either. Women who were of higher classes would usually wear dresses like this in their day-to-day lives only with less ruffles, material and embellishments.
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