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Scout Canada's Involvement in World Scouting

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Eileen Cheng

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Scout Canada's Involvement in World Scouting

Scouts Canada's Involvement By: Michelle and Eileen The Canadian Scout
Brotherhood Fund The Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund is a scouting organization, who supports scouts around the world.
The scouts in developing countries carry out projects and duties to improve their lives and community. The scouts in Canada are lucky to have enough resources but then scouts in developing countries are not so fortunate. So the Canada Scout Brotherhood Fund was created to help those scouts. They sent money to provide materials, training programs and money to improve the communities. Scouts Troops organize funding activities to help the canadian scout brotherhood fun. A lot of councils support the CSBF. Ventures and Rovers help the local scouts to build community facilities. This is one of the well that the CSBF build in Madagascar Scout Canada is involved in the CSBF, we fund raise money and sent out projects that involve traveling to the local scouts to help and understand their community. W o r l d J a m b o r e e The World Scout Jamboree is organized every four years in different location around the world. The World Scout Jamboree is for scouts around the world to gather at one place to remember those lost scouts in World war one. The World Scout Jamboree is a Scouting Jamboree of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and it is attended by thousands of scouts around the world. Scout Canada is involved in the World Scout Jamboree by hosting one and participating in various jamborees around the world. Scout Canada is one of the larger countries in the scout movement of the world. World Organization of the
Scout Movement The world organization of the scout movement (WOSM) is an international organization with 31 million members. The mission of the WOSM is to augment the education of young people,
though the system based on the Scout Law and Scout Promise, to help build a better place for people to play a
positive role in the society. Canada joined the WOSM in 1946, now there are 146,250 members from Canada. Scout Canada is involved in the WOSM by offering a co-ed program for both girls and boys to enjoy scouting. Scout Canada also created the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund to help other countries to participate in the Scout Movement. The End The world organization of scout movement is a non-governmental international organization which controls most of the scouting programs and organizations. It is also a voluntary educational movement for the young people to learn about scouting skills and engage them to their full poteintial.
The WOSM help the development of oneself's character to become a responsible citizens, so that they can contribute more to their communities.
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