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For the Record: Ms. Madson

No description

Robyn Madson

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of For the Record: Ms. Madson

For the Record: Ms. Madson
Learning Styles and Intelligences
I am strong with language and linguistics, which led me to my career teaching communications and writing. I love to argue and debate, and my linguistic intelligence comes in handy there.
I learn globally, which can be a struggle in many classes. I sometimes struggle to put the pieces in order. Aside from this, I'm pretty flexible as a learner.
Values, Beliefs, and Self
I value my family, my friends, and my career.
I believe in learning new things regularly.
I believe education can free us from things that hold us back
I believe that art and music speak deeply to us and we should fill our world with beauty that makes us feel good and posit
I believe that we all have the potential to make other people's days - and lives - better, and I don't understand why anyone would pass that opportunity up.
I believe that laughter brings us together.
Relatively extroverted, I prefer to share experiences with other people.
I am intuitive, tending to see the big picture and big ideas rather than dwelling in the details. I am much more interested in ideas than in facts.
I am slightly "feeling" when making decisions - I use criteria, but like to take extenuating circumstances into account. I want to help people.
Extremely processing: I take life as it comes and do not like to make plans far ahead of time. I am not comfortable making decisions and often feel uncomfortable after they are made.
About Me
Born in 1977
Live in East St. Paul
Husband, son and daughter
Involved in MN bluegrass and old-time music community
Play piano and banjo
Have an art studio - Wet Floor
ADHD affects my life
Two more slides...
Your presentation will include two more "pieces" that you've chosen to complete and share.

I'm excited to see your work!!
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