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Mario Sonnino, Born May 31st, Rome, Italy

No description

Kane Boles

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Mario Sonnino, Born May 31st, Rome, Italy

Mario Sonnino, Born May 31st 1941 in Rome, Italy Mario Sonnino was born May 31st, 1941 in Rome,Italy . Jews had been living in Rome peacefully for over 20 centuries holding professional positions. Before Mario's birth, Italy's dictator had passed various anti-Jewish laws under the influence of Germany. Mario's parents had trouble making a living and coping with the drastic changes. Mario was only 2 when Germans started occupying Rome. He lived with his mother Ida, his father Settimio, his older brother Sandro, and his 3 year old sister Cesira. On the Sunday morning of October 16, 1943, Mario and his family were taken from his home in a suprise raid by the Germans. Mario and his family, along with 1,000 other Jews were put into trucks and sent to the Military College across from the Vatican, where they were kept 2 days without toilets or beds. Then were put on frieght trains that barely sustained life. There was little food and water and the trains were crowded. After five days they arrived at their destination, Auschwitz, a death camp in Poland. On October 23, 1943 Mario arrived at Auschwitz. There the weak and elderly, along with the children and their mothers, were sent to the gas chanmbers. Mario was 2 when he was murdered.
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