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Selena Quintanilla`s Family After Her Death

A heads up, Dreaming of you by Selena plays in the background and can be turned off in the bottom left corner.This prezi is about her parents, sister, brother, and husband after she was tragically shot in Corpus Christi,Texas.


on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Selena Quintanilla`s Family After Her Death

Selena Quintanilla`s Family
After Her Death
By: Lina Cress
Block 6
The hotel room where Selena was shot
Selena Quintanilla Pérez was
shot on March 31st,1995 in room
158 at a Days Inn Motel by
her fan club president Yolanda
Selena`s husband,
Chris Perez, filled with
grief, began abusing
drugs and alcohol.
A year later, he moved
out of Corpus Christi
into his father`s house.
Her family was deeply grieved by the loss of Selena.
Chris formed the band,"Chris Perez Band" three years after Selena`s death.
Video of Chris Perez talking about Selena & his music in spanish:http:// vimeo.com/39539422
The band consisted of John
Garza,Rudy Martinez,Joe
Ojeda, and Jesse Esquivel.
He also remarried to a woman
named Vanessa Villanueva and
had two children.They divorced
in 2008.
After fans had pushed Perez to write a book, he finally agreed.
He wrote a novel on the Selena off stage called, "To Selena,with Love".
Selena`s brother,A.B.,after her death, went on to produce a single called"Como Te Extraño". It was written about how he missed Selena.
A.B married a woman named Rikkie and has eight kids including a step child, but sadly they divorced.
One year after Selena`s marriage, Suzette had also married.
“Actually, when she passed away, I wasn’t able to (play music), she had performed the Astrodome a week or two prior. I had fallen and fractured my ankle so I didn’t do the last Astrodome concert. That was around that time,” she said.

Suzette actually didn`t perform at the last Selena Quintanilla concert.
He formed the
group "Kumbia Kings".
Video of Suzette talking
about Selena after her death

For three months, Abraham Quintanilla, Selena`s father, did not go near her gravesite in Corpus Christi.
Now, He has been involved in
many Selena Projects including
a project called "The Selena Foundation",
which brings help to children in need.
He gives speeches about Selena and
shares the inspirational life of Selena
with everyone.










(video won't work on school
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