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state project 2

No description

Rona Graubart

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of state project 2

By: Rona Graubart
Mrs. Yob Carlton
2013 State Symbols Basic Facts Geography History Climate Geography Conclusion The Bay State The capital of Massachusetts is Boston Massachusetts is located on the eastern side of the U.S.A. Massachusetts is mostly flat with some hills There were a lot of important events in Massachusetts, like the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, the Battle Lexington and Concord and the whole Revolutionary War.
A few famous people that lived in Massachusetts are John Adams, Ben Franklin, and John Hancock.
A few Native american tribes that settled in Massachusetts are the Agawam tribe and the Chaubunagungamaug tribe. In Massachusetts, the summers are mostly hot and humid and the winters are usually cold and snowy. Massachusetts is a great place to live or to visit because it has so many beautiful and interesting landmarks.
If you live in California, it would be fun to play in the snow. It was founded on February 6, 1788 About 6,000,000 people live there The largest city in Massachusetts is Boston The state bird is a Black capped chickadee The state colors are blue, green, and cranberry summer day winter day Bibliography All the internet sources I used to help me are wikipedia.com, fiftystates.com, and statesymbols.com. Economy One industry that was made in Massachusetts is cranberry juice.
People visit Massachusetts because it has the New England Six Flags Amusement Park, The Museum of Fine Arts, and a few famous landmarks such as Plymouth Rock.
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