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Chivalry Project

No description

Hector Hernandez

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Chivalry Project

How To Be Chivalrous
How to Become Chivalrous
In order for a man to become chivalrous, one has to follow the "Code of Chivalry"
- Courtesy
- Generosity
- Friendship
- Chastity
- Compassion
- Loyalty
Being courteous is to be kind in a manner in which no repayment is expected; it is to be "good hearted" (one must be especially courteous to females, elders, and individuals of high social standing)
Examples of courtesy:
Holding doors open for females (no matter how unattractive the wench may be)
Compliment an injured peer (no matter how bad the lad may actually look)
Assisting an elder with a task (such as giving your grandmother a foot massage)
Examples of discourtesy:
Calling a wench hideous (while it may be true, it is bad manners)
Telling an injured peer that he looks like he is going to die (again true, but exemplifies bad manners)
Telling your grandmother that you will not give her a foot massage because of her many bunions (again the truth, but not nice)
Duties of a Knight:
-Knights were taught to to excel in arms, to show courage, to be gallant and loyal, and to swear off cowardice.
- Knights were expected to exhibit knightly qualities showing themselves to be devout, courteous, and generous as well as friendly and chaste.
- The life of a medieval knight was filled with duty, honor, loyalty, and the willingness to shed blood for his Lord.

- Coat of arms were used by medieval knights to cover, protect, and identify the knight.

- It is a unique heraldic design and usually portrays something that the Knight using it can relate to.

- Sir Gawain uses a pentangle the "Sign of Solomon".
Brief History:
Being generous is to be kind and giving of one's self for the good or betterment of someone or something else.
Examples of generosity:
Giving a pence or two to a poor man (even though they will probably use it on mead anyways)
Giving your chain mail to a warrior who has been stripped of theirs (you are too good to need chain mail so why not?)
Allowing a lad to date an ex-lass of yours (be kind and give them your leftovers)
Examples of Selfishness:
Not giving monetary donation at church (you do not want to go to hell right?)
Not giving a warrior of lesser strength advice (you are the best in the world so you must help others)
Still thinking you "have a chance" and not moving on from a previous relationship (leave the lass alone)

Friendship is being kind, friendly, and an overall peach to others.
Examples of friendship:
Lending a peer your prize sword for their big battle later (be a bud and lend them your weapon)
Spotting a friend money at the bar when they leave their money in their other armor (you know they will not pay you back so do not expect it)
Welcoming all to your banquet (even that one guy who gets really annoying when he gets drunk)
Examples of antagonism:
Telling anyone you hate them (you cannot hate anything ... except the TSA of course)
Not spotting a friend money and forcing them to pay the barkeep by washing tables (the stuff under there is nasty)
Stealing a peer's lass (that is just wrong)

Compassion is being kind to a person in a lesser situation than yourself.
Examples of compassion:
Going easy on a rookie knight while you are jousting (give the lad just enough hope to believe they will win)
Not completely destroying an enemy's village (leave just enough for them to remember you by)
Helping a drunken peer find their way home (you are the designated friend)
Examples of cruelty:
Kicking a lad when he is down (do not be so mean)
Abusing your steed (animals have feelings too)
Humiliating a rookie knight by hazing them (they have enough to worry about)
Loyalty is to remain committed to a single person, cause, etc.
Examples of loyalty:
Remaining loyal to your lass while in a relationship (do not be a cheater)
Remaining a fan of your favorite sporting team no matter how bad they are (0-13 is not that bad in hindsight)
Never trade steeds (unless they die, of course)
Examples of disloyalty:
Being a "banwagon fan" (*cough* Heat fans *cough*)
Trading steeds because yours is "not cool enough" (never abandon your steed man!)
Practicing infidelity (loyalty proves you are a real man)
-The word "Chivalry" comes from the French word "chevalier" which means horseman.
-In the middle ages, chivalry was the body of customs and ideals relating to the duties and privileges of knighthood.
The beginner's guide to becoming more chivalrous
Coat of Arms
The Sign of Solomon
Each edge on the pentangle represents a different thing:
- The 5 senses
- 5 fingers
- The 5 wounds of Christ
- 5 Joys of Mary (Conception, Nativity, Resurrection, Ascension, and Assumption)
- Code of Chivalry (5 main points)
By: Sir Hectorious the Victorious
and Sir Rigos of Winsalot
Being chaste is to have a pure mind and to perform abstinence.
Examples of chastity:
Being abstinent (sex is for marriage)
Nothing thinking impure thoughts when seeing a fine lass (keep it clean, buddy)
Not purchasing dirty paintings from the local artist (who pays for that stuff anyway?)
Examples of "dirtiness":
Being a loose knight (do not sleep with just any lass)
Hiring a prostitute (that lass has been used more than your chain mail)
Asking for improper favors of a drunk lass (if you have to take advantage of a girl who is drunk, you are not a man)
Connection to the Green Knight
-Throughout the story we see Sir Gawain proving his chivalry by repeatedly following the "Code of Chivalry".

Sir Gawain shows courtesy towards King Arthur when he accepts the challenge from the Green Knight so Arthur won't have to risk his life.
Gawain shows his generosity by being the first one in the entire court who steps up to the Green Knight's challenge for Arthur. If he was willing to offer his life what wouldn't he be willing to offer?
Again, Sir Gawain shows his friendship through the same action of stepping up in the King's place. He shows how much he loves his friend, the King, by being willing to give his life up for him.
Sir Gawain shows his chastity by refusing to accept any sexual favors the host's wife was offering to Sir Gawain. He only accepts a few kisses but it seems to be that he only does it out of courtesy.
In this story, Sir Gawain shows compassion toward King Arthur by stepping forward and accepting his possible death over Arthur's.
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