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Nursing in Pearl Harbor

No description

Kendra Barberich

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Nursing in Pearl Harbor

Nursing in Pearl Harbor WWII
U.S. Nurses
The Section Base dispensary at Bishop's Point helped the Army to care for men from Hickam Field. US Naval nuses from Pearl Harbor
Before Bombing
Before the bombing the nuses would have been assigned to work on the regular wards from 8 am to 12, one nuse would work theses wards until 3 PM-10 PM then one nurse would work from 10 PM- 8 A, and they would rotate every month between the medical and surgical wards.
Nurse Edith
Edith Shain, was kissed by a sailor in the navy, and now became very famous.
American Red Cross
Back then people used to put up huge propaganda posters up around town to help support Red Cross
Nurse Corps
The nuse Corps, established in 1901 the navy nurse corps sprang into action as a nurse in Pearl Harbor.
US navy file photo, a small boat rescues USS west Virginia crew member from the water Japanese bombing of pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
The attack on Pearl Harbor was a suprise military attack strike conducted by the imperial japanese Navy against the US.
Navy Medicine at Pearl Harbor
Burned and injured patients recieve care aboard USS Solace following the Pearl Harbor attack December 7 1941.
Women are stationed at Pearl Harbor and often are assigned to the Orthopedic Ward.
Women become Nurses
LT Magdalene Kubek
She practiced her nursing in Chesterton India and was activated to active duty with the Navy when Pealr Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.
Red Cross
The American Red cross was Founded May 21, 1881 by Clara Barton .
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