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SMM Week 3 - Facebook Intro

No description

Amanda Munday

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of SMM Week 3 - Facebook Intro


A Facebook Walk-Through
It Began
The Page
Profile Photo and Cover Image
No more tabs
No default landing tab
Pin to Top and Favourite Posts/Promoted Posts
Places (for Check-ins)
Vanity URLs are free!
Way back to February 2004
Closed to University/College students
Had to have a school email address to join
The network of party photos
Before parents, limited profile, brands
Privacy and Use

Canadian Privacy Commissioner 2009
Sharing information with third parties
Deactivation of accounts
Profiles of Deceased Users
Snapshot of the information on Facebook
Political beliefs
Sexual Orientation
High School
Date of birth
Reglious Beliefs
News Feed
A software update is released EVERY WEEK!
The Re-Share
Inspire re-posting of content:
1) Provokes Thought: “Why didn’t I think of that”
2) Entertains: “I want more”
3) Educates: “I never knew that”
4) Informs: “I heard about it here”
Calls to Action
Community Pages
From Dave Fleet: Facebook’s Community Pages are an initiative from Facebook to create “the best collection of shared knowledge” on a wide variety topics.
6.5 million "Articles" at launch!
Facebook: The next metric, “People Talking About This”, indicates how many people are actually talking about your business to their friends. This metric includes everyone who:

• Liked your Page
Liked, commented on, or shared your Page post
• Answered a Question you’ve asked
• Responded to your event
• Mentioned your Page
• Tagged your Page in a photo
• Checked in or recommended your Place
Targeted Content Posts
Pinning to Top
Promoted Posts
Manage Translations
Date Posts and Milestones
Other Page Likes
A tour of a post
Measure Page Growth and Demographics
Measure Successful Content
Talking About This
Today: The Myth of a Facebook Fan
Mistakes we often make with Facebook ROI
Failing to measure true business value. Assigning a value to a fan on Facebook is problematic
because fans have little innate value;
it is what brands do with their followers
— not merely
that they have them — that creates value. A mass of followers that “like” the brand but never
return to the fan page is far less valuable than a handful of followers who frequently share
brand updates with friends.

- Forester Report, June 20th 2012
Why did you join Facebook?
Page Admin Panel
Private Messages / Brand Inbox (Enable)
Insights - New Likes/Posts/Talking About This
Recent Activity
Edit and Manage Page
Facebook Offers
Free for the first one!
Instant Insights
Good for Reshares
Branding - Tabs - Apps
Some pages exist to drive users to take action - or join a movement
Non-Profits - Big and Small Campaigns
Online Movements
Sometimes Ridiculous
Harvard student created "The Facebook"
He is now worth an estimated $17.5 billion
Microsoft invests $240 million ins 2007 for a minor stake, valuing the company at $15 billion
Today, $60/share or $100.6 billion valuation
First Brand Page
12 Landmark partners announced Nov 2007
Boxes and "Apps" crucial
FBML essential
More activist then event itself
Newsfeed and Dashboard
Live Updates
Sort Updates
Account and Privacy Settings
Register your own Username/Vanity URL
Great Graph Searches:
- Friends of my friends who like...
- Brand Pages about
- My friends who like...
In pairs, complete some graph research to identify who might subscribe to your finance blog.

Valuable information includes - who's traveled? who's posted photos, who discusses current events, news? etc

When Your Fans are Online
Facebook is destroying Organic Reach.
You should post when it is most likely that your fans will see your content.
Next week: Edgerank!
Last Week's Activity
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