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BR SPH3U Group 1

Egg Catcher Project

brett dias

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of BR SPH3U Group 1

Egg Catcher Project
Group 1 Materials - Cardboard box
- Sponges
- Copper wire
- Nylon
- Popsicle sticks
- String By:
Dream Team
Charlie, Jason, Brett Design Our design is as shown: SPONGE LAYER - We used a cardboard box as the main structure for our egg catcher because it is a relatively strong and sturdy material

- We used the popsicle sticks because they were sturdy, but can also bend to allow a reduction in the egg's speed

- We used nylon to initially catch the egg because it has an elasticity factor to help absorb the speed of the egg and gradually slow it down

- Finally, we used sponges to bring the egg to a complete stop (these were merely to keep the nylon from stretching too much) OBSERVATIONS 30 cm 38 cm 1 m Results: Time: 0.67 s
Distance: 1.0 m 2 m Results: Time: 1.26 s
Distance: 2.0 m 5 m Results: Time: 2.27 s
Distance: 5 m * Please note that all trials were done with the same egg that has a mass of 54.07 g Calculations: Velocity: 1.49 m/s ( d/t)
Kinetic Energy: 0.06 J
Force: 0.53 N
Min. Threshold Prediction:
3 cm Velocity: 1.59 m/s
Kinetic Energy: 0.07 J (mv )

Force: 0.53 N
Min. Threshold Prediction:
6 cm 2 2 Measured from the top of the sponge layer, about 10 cm below the nylon sleeve Improvements Some possible improvements that we could have made are making the ring larger for a larger target. We could have also used more absorbing material than sponges, for example housing insulation. Ring + + Insulation AND/OR Velocity: 2.20 m/s
Kinetic Energy: 0.13 J
Force: 0.53 N (ma)
Min. Threshold Prediction:
10 cm Discussion The Dream Team Egg Catcher device was able to reach the requirements of a 5 meter drop. The Dream Team believes that the device worked because the amount of force acting on the egg upon impact was decreased, due to the stretchy nylon material. Based on our results the force exerted on the egg did not change throughout each drop due to the fact that the acceleration always being a constant value of 9.81m/s . The work of the egg always increased the higher the distance got therefore the catcher was put under greater amounts of stress each successive trial. Since the egg was falling at the same rate each time, the time of the fall increased the higher the distance became. 2 THANK YOU 100%?
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