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How to Make a Good Movie

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diana karlsson

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of How to Make a Good Movie

How to Make a Good Movie
Ken Burns Effect
The Ken Burns Effect is a technique of panning and zooming effect used in video making for still imagery. The image above is an example of this.
Close Up
A Close Up shot is a shot that tightly frames a person or an object.
Rule of Thirds
Over the Shoulder
The Over the Shoulder shot is a shot of someone or something taken from the perspective from the shoulder of another person.
Dutch Angle
Tilt Shots
A tilt shot is similar to a panning shot except that is is moving up and down and not side to side.
Panning Shots
Medium shot
A medium shot is usually a camera angle that is shot from a medium distance like the one to the right.
High Angle Shot
A High Angle Shot is when the camera is angled above the eyeline. In this shot the shot is looking down on an area.
Low Angle Shot
A Low Angle Shot is a shot from a camera that is positioned under the eyeline. So the camera is looking up like in the picture.
The End
We hope you liked our prezi. We also hope you learned how to make a great movie from our prezi.
This prezi is about different cinematography techniques on how to make a great movie. We hope you will learn something from our prezi that will help you make a great movie!
The Rule of Thirds is a guideline
which applies to the process of composing
visual images. The image is divided in to
nine equal boxes, like the image above. Also the
main image , like the goat above, is always on the lines and on the dots.

The Dutch Angle (also known as dutch tilt) is a type of camera shot where the camera is tilted toward one side, like the picture to the right. When the snapshot is made, it has vertical lines running from an angle to the side of the frame.

A panning shot is when the camera moves slowly over the set from one side to the other from a fixed angle.
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