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Artful Devotion

No description

Yocasta Batista

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Artful Devotion



The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
Also called Thiruvarangam

Located in the southern Indian state of Tamil, Nadu

Dates back to the 6th century A.D. according to literature, with archaeological evidence dating back to the 10th century A.D.

Religious Significance
the most prominent temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, a form of the Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu is considered one of the supreme deities in Hinduism.

The Temple is also a place to worship 53 other Hindu deities, including Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi (Shri)

How does the Inspire Devotion?


Gopurams ( Towers)

The Temple has 50 shrines dedicated to various Hindu deities, including various forms of Vishnu.

Non Hindus are not allowed to enter every shrine

One shrine is made of gold
The Temple hosts a number of major festivals throughout the year

One of the major festivals at the Temple is Jestabishekam
Jestabishekam is a festival hosted every year from June to July

It is a festival devoted to the cleansing of impurities, and involves the cleaning of gold
Significance to Devotees
The Temple is a major pilgrimage location for many Hindus

It s especially significant to Vaishnavas, or followers of Hinduism who worship Vishnu as their primary deity.

The Temple is also a popular spot for tourists

An introduction to Artful Devotion
Art as a prevailing medium of communication and interaction between humans since ancient times.
The power of art.

Its different manifestations

Artful devotion in Hinduism
Manifestation: Dances and Chants in Hindu Weddings
What is the religious meaning of this manifestation?

How this manifestation inspires devotion?

What is the relevance for the people?

Intro & Dance
Art as a universal language.

Artful devotion as a link that connects people from different cultures and faiths, even those guided by any specific faith.

Artful devotion as one more thing we share as humans.

Understand, appreciate and celebrate diversity!!!

Within Hinduism a large number of personal gods (Ishvaras) are worshipped as murtis. These beings are significantly powerful entities known as devas or devis.
Sculpture has been central in religious devotion in many cultures, and until recent centuries large sculptures, too expensive for private individuals to create, were usually an expression of religion or politics.
The Pantheon of Hindu Gods is vast. Yet, in fact, Hindus are a monotheistic religion worshiping one God. Hindus believe that there is only one ultimate reality; Brahman.
Each of the Hindu Gods represents one aspect of Brahman. The Hindu God Shiva takes on the destructive aspect of Brahman. The Hindu God Vishnu preserves the working order of the universe. Each Hindu God is one tiny aspect of the Supreme Being.
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