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Copy of Family tree

A Simpson Family tree

Jessica Bader

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Family tree

Phillip Bader Kimberly Bader Tousey Jennifer Bader Bethard Karen Mortick Bader Colton Tousey Cody Tousey Robert "Blake" Bethard Tanner Bethard Brady Bethard Carl Tousey Robert "Mark" Bethard Lawrence "Larry" Bader Doris Dewey Bader Laura Mortick Merinda Evans Mortick Jerald Mortick Lynda Patet Hesp Michael Hesp Jessica Bader Austin Bader Born: September 19, 1946 Born: August 21, 1993 Hometown: Olathe, KS Born: February 9, 1996 Hometown: Olathe, KS Born: January 27, 1994 Born: October 17, 1966 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Born: August 14, 1968 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Hometown: Kansas City, MO Born: August 27, 1966 Born: February 8, 1964 Born: September 26, 1967 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Born: August 10, 1972 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Born: September 11, 1972 Hometown: Shawnee Mission, KS Born: March 30, 1999 Hometown: Overland Park, KS Born: March 26, 2004 Hometown: Overland Park, KS Born: May 15, 2006 Hometown: Lee's Summit, MO Born: August 26, 1990 Hometown: Overland Park, KS Hometown: Overland Park, KS Hometown: Grand Rapid, MI Born: June 1, 1946 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Born: July 31, 1945 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Born: July 17, 1948 Hometown: Garnett, KS Born: October 1, 1946 Born: November 16, 1945 Hometown: Tulsa, OK George "Randy" Patet Born: June 8, 1939 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Mary "Jackie" Pederson Patet Born: April 26, 1939 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Gayle Patet Uhl Born: March 15, 1943 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Thomas Uhl Born: December 2, 1942 Hometown: Rochester, NY Jim Mortick Born: November 10, 1941 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Georganne Mortick Jack Mortick Born: April 28, 1937 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Cathy Mortick Born: November 8, 1945 Hometown: Sheffield, AL Born: 1942 Jack Mortick Born: April 1, 1913 Death: February 2, 2005 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Lorraine Bessert Mortick John Mortick Born: August 1, 1888 Death: December 20, 1946 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Charlotte Windisch Mortick Born: September 6, 1888 Death: October 13, 1974 Ann Tomscek Mrotek Born: April 16, 1864 Death: November 17, 1940 Hometown: Newton, WI John Mrotek Born: 1857 Death: January 1940 Hometown: Newton, WI Frank Mrotek Born: October 1826 Death: May 1888 Hometown: Poland Anna Tadych Mrotek Born: 1837 Death: February 16, 1919 Hometown: Poland Paul Bessert Born: 1887 Death: 1967 Birtha Hylsop Bessert Born: 1897 Born: August 22, 1908 Death: July 7, 1980 Born: March 20, 1921 Death: January 20, 1985 Hometown: Independence, KS Born: December 11, 1917 Death: March 8, 2004 Hometown: Kincaid, Saskatchewan Alyce Hymers Patet George Patet Born: August 08, 1909 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Born: June 7, 1910 Death: November 24, 1986 Hometown: Kincaid, Saskatchewan Born: August 14, 1904 Death: May 9, 1986 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Ethel Hymers Glewwe Twin Boys Born: February 2, 1908 Death: February 2, 1908 Llyod Alvin Born: October 23, 1906 Death: September 13, 1910 Hometown: Kincaid, Saskatchewan Born: June 23, 1885 Death: May 20, 1960 Hometown: South St. Paul, MN Born: December 6, 1885 Death: September 3, 1918 Hometown: Saskatchewan, Canada Caroline "Lena" Nasher Hymers Francis Hymers Hometown: St. Paul, MN Born: November 8, 1883 Death: August 13, 1916 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Frank Nascher Florence Entwistle Nasher Born: February 10, 1859 Death: November 15, 1927 Hometown: Liechtenstein Born: May 03, 1863 Death: October 26, 1950 Hometown: Liechtenstein Frank Nascher Ursula Marxer Nasher Death: September 13, 1960 12 older siblings Born: February 25, 1869 Death: September 30, 1946 Hometown: Germany Born:December 27, 1866 Death: June 16, 1940 Hometown: Germany Reinhold Patet Louise Flahr Patet Mirella Mortick Born: 1904 Death: 1993 Dorothy Mortick Born: 1909 Death: 2011 Born: September 8, 1862 Death: June 10, 1944 Rozella Kipp Hymers John Hymers Born: March 1, 1859 Death: November 11, 1940 Francis Hymers Elizabeth Morten Hymers Alexander Hymers John Hymers George Hymers Tom Hymers Born: April 16, 1786 Hometown: Jedgeberg, Scotland Rebecca Wilson Hymers Born: November 9, 1782 Hometown: Windsor, Nova Scotia George Hymers Reuben Glwwe Donna Dewey Marquardt Born: December 11, 1940 Death: March 2, 2005 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Donald Dewey Born: October 11, 1953 Hometown: Kanasas City, MO Dennis Dewey Born: October 6, 1954 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Daniel Dewey Born: May 6, 1958 Death: December 23, 2007 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Mary Dewey Seitz Born: February 17, 1961 Born: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Heather Dewey Henderson Born: June 28, 1963 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Donald Dewey Doris Hutchinson Dewey Born: August 18, 1922 Death: August 22, 1951 Hometown: Independence, MO Mary Welch Dewey Born: May 2, 1927 Death: November 23, 2012 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Francis Bader Jr. Born: May 3, 1937 Hometown: Kansas City, MO Francis Bader Sr. Mary Vernon Bader Born: May 6, 1919 My Family Died from diabetis Died from diabetis Died from indian attack Died from indian attack We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. We have a buffet of snacks to eat from. Hometown: Kansas City, MO Hometown: Kansas City, MO Death: 1971 On Thanksgiving we always get to open up one Christmas present. Easter we have a crazy Easter egg hunt and kids leave the house in age order to find the eggs
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