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Social Media

How fast can social media spread news or events?

Téa JoAnne Pennell

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media - One Direction Becomes Famous.
The Beginning
The members of One Direction were put together when they were a part of a TV show called "The X Factor UK." Four of them are from England the other is from Ireland. And how do e know this from the social media. People do research then post on Facebook or Twitter something along the lines of "omigosh Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn r from England and Niall is from Ireland <3."
Many people watch The X Factor UK and were the first to know about One Direction, but they are they ones who spread the word through the social media. Therefore One Direction has become the hottest band in the World.
The Hottest Band in the World
They become a band in England sometime in 2010, but became famous in the U.S. earlier this year. Social media has helped spread this little piece of information when people were posting things like, "Get on Wikipedia or google right now and learn about 1D!!!" No joke, teenagers are probably the reason that social medid spread news about One Direction so quickly.
Hit Single now in the U.S.
What Makes you Beautiful soon hit the United States and became wildly popular. Girls were signing this song all the time because people were posting the music video for What Makes You Beautiful.
How has Social Media helped spread the news about One Direction?
Today One Direction is probably the most band in the World, thanks to everyone who uses any type of social media including Facebook and Twitter. Social Media has helped One Direction and many other bands from different countries become famous world-wide. Without social media we would have not heard of One Direction right away it would have taken us a lot longer to learn about them. One Direction became a worldly famous band in a matter of days. That is how fast social media can spread news about One Direction.
How quickly did the social media spread the news about One Direction?
Social Media-
Websites like Facebook and Twitter immediantly had people posting things about One Direction and how amazing they sing and stuff like that.
Television Shows-
The judges on The X Factor UK put them together to do a group performance. That eventually turns them into a band.
When their were finished with The X Factor UK they made a hit single called "What Makes You Beautiful." The song was played on every radio station for a long time.
One Direction Hit the newspaper the day after their last performance on The X Factor UK.
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By: Téa Pennell
Stop Video at 3:30
Social media is the only that this song could have spread all the way from the UK to the United States. This song came really quickly and became One Direction's hit single.
What Makes You Beautiful
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