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13 Colonies

No description

Sean Hearne

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

13 Colonies
Colonies Include:
*Massachusetts founded in 1630 by John Wheelright
*Massachusetts has a jagged coast
*Rhode Island founded in 1636 by John Withrop
*Rhode Island has woodland and lots of land near the water
*Connecticut founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker
*Connecticut has lots of rivers
*New Hampshire founded in 1638 by Roger Williams
*New Hampshire has lots of lakes and mountains
Colonies Include:
*New York, Albany founded in 1626 by Peter Minuit
*54,475 square miles, 27th in size
*wettest state 7,215 square miles of water
*Delaware, Wilmington founded in 1638 by William Penn
*2,489 square miles 2nd in size
*1,239 square miles covered in water
*New Jersey, Trenton founded in 1664 by Peter Minuit
*8,722 square miles, 47th largest
*1,303 square miles covered by water
*Pennsylvania, Philiphia founded in 1682 by English colonists
*46,058 square miles 33rd in size
*535 square miles covered by water
* The climate in the Northern (New England) colonies was mountains, woodlands and lots of rocks
* The Middle colonies are wet
about 1/5 is covered by water

The land is mostly
for farming.

The Middle Colonies were mainly founded
so they could lead simple lives, but, some people came to make money.
The Middle Colonies had lots of trade with England.
Their major industries were wheat, corn, cattle, and dairy
All 13 Colonies had a reason to come found a city or state the most popular reasons were for religion, money, and a new life or a simpler life style.
All of the 13 Colonies or the 3 different regions had some thing they sent back to England because they all sort of belonged to the king.
Virginia-Founded in 1607 by John Smith
Maryland-Founded in 1633 Lord Baltimore
North Carolina-Founded in 1653 by V. Colin
South Carolina-Founded 1663 by English Colonists
Georgia-Founded 1732 by James Oglethark
The people wanted large plantations and made good money from the plantation crops.
More interesting facts
The capital of Maryland was Annapolis
The original capital of Virginia was Jamestown
The capital of North Carolina was Charleston
The capital of Georgia was Savannah.
Most colonists were Baptist or Aglicans
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