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Research Proposal

No description

Lexi Wilkerson

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Research Proposal

Research Proposal
Survey- Distributed to all Howard County high school students.

Interview- Five classes will be chosen at random from each of the twelve HCPSS high schools. Students the classes who have parents who are going through divorce or who are divorced will then be pulled from the classes to be invited take part in the interview.
This study will research the effect of a divorce on parent-children relationships.
Teenagers will answer brief multiple choice questions to explain how their parents’ divorce has affected their lives. The survey will be distributed to all Howard County high school students during lunch to complete if it applies to them. The survey will provide an in-depth look at the relationships of teens and parents who have experienced a divorce. We also will gain more insight as to how the teenagers going through the divorce process has been coping and handling the situation.
Selected teenagers will be interviewed in person by one of our researchers. The interview will last about an hour long, so each question will be able to be answered thoroughly.
This research could be helpful to help ease teens through the divorce of their parents, to let parents know how to keep a good relationship with their child through this rough time, and to prevent teens from becoming isolated during the divorce of their parents. It could also help to educate society as to what teenagers may be going through while their parents are divorcing. This research could also help to create support methods for parents and teens who are going through divorce.
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