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CDT THUAS Dec 2016

Moving From Me to We...


on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of CDT THUAS Dec 2016

Overview Goals Reaching the Goal Program Setup Resistance Creating a Global Classroom with Technology and Social Media in a time of Budget Restrictions Lectures Case Studies How? LMS Student Engagement International Education

Cultural Experience

Interesting Experience

Transformational Experience Affordable

Vocational student faculty Technology Wormhole Student Participation Aaron R. Zipp, SUNY Cortland
Rutger Siebenga, Johan Cruyff University Former Lacrosse Coach at SUNY Plattsburgh Facebook Instructional Videos H.320 Standard Videoconferencing Equipment!!!!! Thank You

Questions? Programm set up
Findings Cautions

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A very special thanks to Brix Pubaria in Cortland, NY for feeding us during much of the writing process. 8th of June, 2012 ` Social Media ` `
Facebook pride Moving from Me to We: Breaking Boundaries and Building Bridges with Globally Networked Learning Partnerships
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