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RBT Module 2

No description

Michael Cameron

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of RBT Module 2

Dr. Michael Cameron with Special Guest
Arpi Arabian, M.A., BCBA

RBT Task List Item:
F-02 (Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice)
Typology of Feedback
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Supervision
What to Expect
BCBA Feedback

oal referenced (e.g., complete a preference assessment, completed billing)

angible and transparent (e.g., meeting notes)

imely (e.g., follow-up occurs in a timely manner via email correspondence)

ctionable (e.g., not ambiguous)

onsistent (e.g., an agenda)

ngoing (e.g., uninterrupted)

pecific (e.g., your career is being guided based on your needs and interests)
How to Think like a Behavior Analyst

Registered Behavior Technician
Module 2

Module Goals:
My goals for this module are to: (1) provide an overview of "who" will provide you feedback as a RBT, (2) provide an overview of the "typology" of feedback you receive, (3) discuss the need to both solicit feedback and to prepare for structured feedback sessions, (4) provide an overview of strategies for managing feedback, and (5) provide an overview of Knowledge Management (KM)

60 Minutes (with video integration). Lecture and interview (50 minutes) and supporting video (10 minutes)
Programmed Instruction. Mind the Bullseye
Respond Appropriately to Feedback and Maintain or Improve Performance Accordingly
Inventory of Knowledge

Definition of Applied Behavior
B.F. Skinner
Programmed Instruction
Functional Behavior Assessment
Skills Assessment (e.g., VB-MAPP)
Evidence-Based Practice
Behavioral Cusp
You will receive BCBA supervision for a minimum of 5% of the time (per month) you spend providing behavior analytic services
Two face-to-face and real-time supervision sessions per month
of your monthly sessions can occur in a small group
The Anatomy of an Observation Session
Data review and data reliability checks (inter-observer agreement).
Treatment integrity (procedural reliability) checks to ensure prescribed procedures are implemented as specified.
Audit of program implementation
No margin, no mission
Administrative responsibilities
Cultural Awareness
Personal Preferences
Interview with Arpi Arabian, M.A., BCBA regarding Cultural Awareness

What to expect from Families

Can you describe some of the cultural circumstances you have managed centered on ethnicity?
Can you describe some the the cultural circumstances you have managed centered on religion?
Issues related to Schools

Can you tell the Registered Behavior Technicians here what they can expect regarding cultural sensitivity within schools
You will receive supervision from a
BCBA for _____% of the time, per
month, you provide behavior
analytic services.
An observation by your BCBA
supervisor will involve a check on
the accuracy of your data. This is
called an _____ check.

Inter-observer Agreement
An observation by your BCBA
supervisor will also involve a
check on how accurately you
implement clinical and
educational procedures. This is
called a _____ check.
Treatment integrity or
procedural reliability
As a Registered Behavior Technician,
you can expect to receive feedback
Your BCBA Supervisor

The person you serve
Administrators (e.g., school)
As a Registered Behavior
Technician, you should expect to
receive feedback regarding cultural
sensitivities centered on:
Family preferences
Knowledge Management (KM)
What advice do you have regarding KM?
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