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Impact of What we Know about Assessment

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paulette alcox

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Impact of What we Know about Assessment

Generate a list of qualities of effective assessment, writing one on each slip of paper.
Criteria of Effective Assessment of Learning
Use these qualities to generate a shorter list of criteria for effective evaluation.
Combine our thoughts to create one criteria list.
around the room
Re-visit your social studies/ geography unit.
Develop a list of questions to guide your assessment and evaluation of inquiry-based learning.
What do we know about Critical Inquiry?
What are the qualities of an inquiry stance culture in a classroom?
What does this mean for assessment/evaluation in the critical inquiry process?
Read through excerpts.
Impact of What we Know about Assessment
on Inquiry

What do we know now about assessment that will need to be considered in our units?
As a table group, combine and sort your qualities. Add to the list as one idea sparks the next.
Begin your criteria with a measurable verb (i.e., share targets clearly and meaningfully with students, as opposed to students know the target.)
Write criteria which has a qualifier giving it room for growth, rather than requirements.
Apply the questions generated to reflect on the way assessment is inserted in the unit.
Open your unit from the following location: T:/Janzen, Blair/ SSHG Units/ grade folder
All assessment notes should be made in red.
Any other updates should be made in green.
Impact of What we Know about Inquiry
on Assessment
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