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Conservation Club

No description

Alexis Bury

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Conservation Club

Wisconsin Conservation Congress Election
Make a list of people who are going
Who has a car?
Discussion of issues
Milwaukee Riverkeeper
Saturday, April 26th 9 a.m. to noon rain or shine
Trash Bash 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m
River Rock Star Pledges??
Sustainability Symposium
Please sign up
participant, facilitator, or recorder
Sign up on:
google doc
online at Office of Sustainability website
Thank you for Office of Sustainability for "Come to the Green Side"
Conservation Club
Guest Presenters
April 17th 4:00 Union 250
Speaking of elections....
Officer Qualifications:
6 credits
Member of CC
Attend 1 meeting prior to election
While officer, be present for 1/2 meetings
April 10: 15 minutes for election speeches
Voting open on panthersync April 10-17
Sign Up
All Volunteers must sign up at milwaukeeriverkeeper.org/rivercleanup

There will be a waiver to sign on the day of the event
Earth Day:
What we are doing
Do we want to do the overpass event as a club?
Tuesday, April 22
Ring Street Overpass (Ring and 7th, Milwaukee)
7:15 PM
April 3rd Meeting
Event Reminders
April 10 Thurs 4:00
Union 183 - Board Game Social
April 12 Sat 1:00
Meet in union concourse - Clean Up
April 17 Thurs 4:00
Union 240 - Guest Speaker: Robert Clare, plant-insect guy
April 18 Fri 1:00
Meet in union concourse - Clean Up
April 24 Thurs 4:00
Union 250 - Guest Speaker: John Janssen, fish guy
insect feeding/damage on plants
invasive species, goldenrod
Let's brainstorm 3+ questions to ask him
Purple Loosestrife
bulb transplant work day
April 12th, morning
Can anyone carpool?
(a truck would be amazing)
Who is available to volunteer?
5 plants - from the feild
Beetles ordered from DNR
MKE Parks providing 5 pots and a kiddie pool = artificial wetland
Netting - DNR
What we need to buy
twine/duct tape
potting soil
$10 from Walmart
bake sale
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