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What if I were an online customer?!

No description

Alina Diana Rotaru

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of What if I were an online customer?!

Simple & Attractive Journey
Invitation to use online services from a trustful person (public figure & tombola & vouchers)
Welcome message on the first page
Product configuration engine
Guarantees for online purchase
Description about what will happen along my online experience
Movies & Personal experiences such as: receipts/books/recommendations
Tips & Tricks when using online services (telecom related and from other businesses)
Thank you message at exit the website
Tracking & Care
Short description about what will follow with my order, timing and quality
Push SMS / email with status update (milestones)
Link with My Order Status
Usage recommendation about my product
Thank you message
Use & Experience
Surveys about online experience
Guidance about how to use, what other customers did or bought
Analyze customer behavior and automatically send useful information / download links / online help
SLA guarantees
Info cost service
Reminder before due date about the amount and access information
Information about other payments methods
Thank you message after payment
Links for future free downloads: e-books, applications, movies, games, etc.
What if I were an online customer?!
After Sales
Inform about what is new online
Automatic updates for my services
Free applications, games, movies, e-books
Blog with open discussions on different topics, interest areas
Customers helping online beginners
Share experience and complete tips and tricks
Do you know me? tool to find out insights about customers and what are their desires and how can we exceed expectations
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