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In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challe

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marc hawkins

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challe

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this music magazine?
I have learnt how to both use photoshop and InDesign and how professional music magazines are layed out with the images and text. For example having the tag lines go around the main image and not all over it, I did this by right justifying the text. Another example from photoshop was learning about colour correcting and colour grading to make the photos look more professional, I did this by changing the contrast, saturation and colour balance sliders until I got the result I wanted. To make the masthead for the front cover I had to mask around one layer from the brickwall using the rectangular marquee tool and then copy and paste the layer of bricks until it filled up the top portion of the page. As teh text is large is obscures the layers behind it so it looks like one big brick wal.
In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?
In my music magazine I chose to follow many of the codes and conventions of a rock magazine like Kerrang! and Rock Sound. For example my models were all dressed in dark clothing except the main artist which had a white shirt on to stand out, which followed my colour scheme of my magazine which was black, white and red. Like the Total guitar magazine with Slash and Myles Kennedy which follows a orange, white, red and black colour scheme. The orange font and orange guitar compliment each other. I followed this with the red fonts and objects and also the blue guitar and blue circles contrast each other and stand out on my magazine.
The models I used for my photographs were the same age as my target audience which were people aged between 16 and 25 so people could relate to the magazine. The font used through out my magazine was very rock themed , the masthead's font I used looks like the font used on Gibson guitars which are one of the most famous guitars played by lots of rock artists such as Slash, Angus Young and Mark Knopfler so people will recognize the font and will pick up the magazine as it has connotations of electric guitars and rock music.
My double page spread again uses the codes and conventions of rock music magazine such as having the article about the artist on the cover as follows the same black, white and red colour scheme with the slash dividing the page between the image and the text which was done on one of the DPS I researched used the same dividing slash. I added a lens flare to make the background more exciting to look at and not just a black background as I got some feedback on my double page spread from different people saying that the back ground was too plain and I needed something on the background. I think that the lense flair adds the effect of having a layered page so that that it gives a slight 3D effect.
My contents page is simple with the text down one side and an image of the main artist and like other magazines I used another image of another band
How did you attract/ address your audience?
The primary audience for my music magazine is both men and women aged between 16 and 25 as these people typically like rock music whihc I recieved from my market research. My secondary audience are people who are out of the age range whihc could be youngeror older but still like rock music. Young and Rubicam's seven types of peole can be applied to my magazine and I think that the mainstream would apply as I'm not trying to target a nieche market but a big genre. The uses and gratifications theory can be applied to with my audience in that the magazine is used by audiences for pleasure and education as audiences can learn things about new bands and tours but also have a good time reading it.
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I believe that the Bauer Media Group could distribute my music magazine as they distribute Kerrang!, Q magazine which are well known and successful rock music magazines, BMG also own radio channels like Kerrang!, Kiss and 4Music which again are all well known stations with a huge fan base. If the group did distribute my magazine then it would reach my target audience in not only just a print format but also in many different media such as TV like the Kerrang! has their own television channel. Kerrrang! also have a radio station and website so my target audience won't have to wait every week to read what is happening but can get 24 hour access to the latest news and hear the latest music and watch the bands music video. Here are some statistics for Kerrang magazine, it has a circulation of 43,033, a readership of 396,000 and is released weekly. As my magazine is simmilar to Kerrang I could expect it to reach a wide audience. Bauer distribute so many successful magazines over a lot of genres I think that this would be very good for my magazine as the media group will be able to get my magazine to the mass market and give the readers full access to all the articles and bands featured in my magazine.

Who would be the audience for your music magazine?
I think that my audience will be people aged between 16 and 25 and both genders as I have used models who are roughly the same age as my target audience so that it looks like any one can make it in music. I wanted my models to look like your average person so that the audience can connect with them. I wanted to go for the type of fans who listen to Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Green Day as these bands are rock and have had lots of commercial success and feature alot on music magazines of the same rock genre magazines so I wanted my pictures to be like these bands. The heavier genres of rock music tend to have bands which have tattoo sleeves and screaming lyrics but I didn't want to go for this type of rock music as I think more people like the pop/punk rock music. For example Fall out boy's new album American beauty/American Psycho is currently third on Itunes so this shows that the band is very popular and their genre of music is very popular too so it will sell well.
How does your media product represent particular social groups?
I think that my magazine represents the same social groups who read Kerrang!, Rocksound and NME as the pictures I took are of the same age group as the magazine's target audience which are 16-25 so the audience can relate to the magazine in a personal/emotional level. I only have included men and have represented them in a positive and serious way. All the models were dressed in casual clothing but nothing that was offensive like swearing all over their shirts which would give a negative representation of young males. For the group photos they were all very close in frame which shows that they are all close friends and look out for each other. Their facial expressions were smiling or serious looking as I wanted to convey that they are serious musicians. As young people are typically represented in the media negativly and epically with music as parents and older generations think that all young males commit crime and do nothing all day I wanted to go away from this stereotype and give a positive representation for young males.
Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full production?
I think that my preliminary task was very basic in how it looked and everything about it. I have learnt many new techniques in how to use Photoshop to cut out the images and add effects to them and also using InDesign to place all my images and the masthead. I think my masthead is much better as the font used looks very rock like and the magazine name itself is much better than a generic 'College life' that I did previously. The colour scheme for my preliminary task was kind of difficult to read as I used a yellow font and my model was wearing green and overall the colours made it difficult to read. but on my music magazine the colours followed the conventions of rock music by having reds, black and whites and this colour scheme was the highest voted on my research for deciding what type of magazine to go for. I also learnt how to wrap the text over the images which can be seen on my music magazine and on the college one the text went over the image which looks really bad. Also I used layering on my music magazine with the images and text and objects which is used a lot in music magazine, there are no layers on my college magazine as only the text is on top and goes over my main image
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