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Induction IV

A brief overview of the requirements for I4 participants and observation tips for Department Chairs.

Steve Moore

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Induction IV

Hinsdale Academy

Basic Goals
Teacher Outcome
September 17, 2013
1. Increase Teacher facility with Tablet Technology
2. Expose teachers to a variety of tech tools
3. Distinguish between tech production and consumption
Teachers will design and implement a project that promotes technology production by students and aligns with content standards.
Consumption - the learner views and learns from a technology, or uses the technology to demonstrate learning, but does not create their own content using the technology.
Production - The student uses a technology to demostrate content knowledge and in the process exhibits mastery with the software, medium, etc.
Clear instructions for the use of technology
Project Samples
A well defined rubric for curricular and technical project elements
HA 104 Participants promote student engagement with technology
HA 104 participants provide a clear path to success in technology projects
HA 104 participants connect technology use to curricular goals.
Teacher Model
Project Rubric
Student Project
Bonus Projects
Kristen Bronke
Steve Moore
No Cards? :)
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