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EHRbit.com - 5 June 2014

No description

Barry Coggins

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of EHRbit.com - 5 June 2014

Large Costs


Different Systems

No Access
Smaller providers need AFFORDABLE access to UNIVERSAL software that requires NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT but has STATE-OF-THE-ART SECURITY and ACCESS CONTROLS.

... and it must be CRAZY-EASY to use...
Grant Access to Non-Participating Players in Exchange for Efficient Feedback for All Players
Simple to Use
- Web or App

Control Access
- Total Privacy to Public Search

- Individual :: Web, Email, SMS
- Digital Life :: Apps, Smart Home
Extremely Affordable Access

Opportunity for Reduced Overhead

Possible New Revenue Streams

Total Documentation :: Digital Liability
Ultra-Low Integration Costs

Better Visibility on Billable Events

Greater Reach into New Markets
- New Providers
- Access Patients' Digital Lives
Exchange Owners
Provider EHRbit.com
Provider EHRbit.com
Marketing Company EHRbit.com
Company EHRbit.com
... n
Patient Private Keys Held Securely
1 Billion Office Visits Last Year
"Ambulatory Care Use and Physician Visits"
Retrieved 1 May 2014 from

Does not include emergent care or hospital visits
Average CMS Stage 2 EHR
= $250-$360/user/mon

EHRbit Provides Site License
= $8,000

Sites Pay Royalty to EHRbit
= $1/Active pt/mon

Insurance Portal
= $0.25/Billable Code

Remote EHR Sites:
- Provide their own pricing, marketing, access, and privacy terms
- Recruit users based on that market segment
- Allow access based on the site license of records

Provides 9 months cash

CEO, Marketing, Developer, Programmer x2

End State
- Demonstration Site
- Secondary Royalty Site
- Mobile App, Web App
- HIPAA Compliance Demo
- Begining Sale Teams

Ready to address
- Sales Engine
- Technical Support Team

Return on Investment
50 Site Licenses in 18 Months
10 Providers per Site
15 Pt/day/Provider
70% are "Chargable Patients"

Returns $105,000/mon Gross

On 33.3% Margin

With 40% Stake in Company

$167,000 Annualized Return
2.7yr Break-Even

EHRbit Network
code: 12345
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