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“Born Worker”

No description

Dylan Belk

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of “Born Worker”

“Born Worker”
By: Gary Soto
By: Dylan Belk 2/3

My connection is text to self because Jose was a hard work and would get the job done, he also had a job. I as well have a job and a hard work. It was meaningful because it helped me understand Jose and his character. My other connection is text to world because there are people out there like Arnie that will just talk their way out of work and and be lazy. This help me understand the story better because it help that some people arn’t the type of people you think they are.

I visualized the man's hearing aid fell in the pool, then his hearing aid fell out, and Jose turned in time to see it roll like a bottle cap toward the bottom of the pool. I also visualized the man falling into the pool, He leaned over suddenly, arms waving, one leg kicking out, he tumbled into the pool. He landed standing up, his legs buckled and his head striking against the bottom of the pool.

Why wouldn’t Jose let Arnie help them because I thought they were a team?
I infer that they are a team but when they do other jobs Arnie does the talking and Jose does most of the work.
Why did Jose’s dad say that there is work to be done?
Jose’s dad said that because he meant that the city needs a lot of work.

I inferred that Arnie was going to be selfish and and not care what happened to others. I thought this because he was rich and got what he wanted when he wanted it.
I thought that “Born Worker” was going to be a boy that thought everything needed worked on. I thought this based on my prior knowledge because I read the prediction.

First I thought when the man fell in the pool I thought Arnie would help. Then Arnie didn’t help and thought that it was his fault he fell in the pool. My thinking changed about Arnie, because at the end he didn’t want to help Jose with the old man. Also my thinking changed about Jose, because I thought he would have bolted off like Arnie.

In the short story “Born Worker” by Gary Soto a boy named Jose and his cousin start a business to make money in the end he finds out that he didn’t really know his cousin as he thought he did. First his cousin Arnie comes to his house to ask if him and his cousin want to get rich by making a business. Next Jose and his cousin do some jobs but mostly Jose does the work and Arnie does the talking. Then they do a job to clean a mans pool, but then they man falls in the pool and is knock out. In the end Jose calls 911, and his cousin leaves, Jose saves the mans life, he then thought that his cousin wasn’t the person Jose thought him to be.

Determining Importance
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