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Book Recommendation

Dont forget to comment below!!!!!!hope you enjoy

caramel_ meow

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Book Recommendation

The Box Car Children is the best book yet!
Authors Message
I think that the authors message is to always try new things and don't judge a book by its cover. First I think always try new things because the kids were always going to new places and the more they found the better it got for example, before they slept in the streets then, in a bakery, a box car and finally in a home. Another authors message is don't judge a book by its cover because they thought at first that their grandparent was very cruel. However a change of events can happen as the story goes on. If the children are open to the chance that he really is there grandfather, the story will change drastically.
Target Audience
This book should be recommended for people ages 7 and up. I think this because for younger kids the book may be too long or they might not understand what is happening. The vocabulary also might be to advanced for kids too young. Also this book has 154 pages and this is why I think this book would be perfect for kids ages 7 and up. Along with this, it is an amazing book for people who like adventure because, there are so many different places the kids are going, and it is never predictable!
By: Daniela
Book Recommendation
The book that I would like to recommend is

The "Box Car Children" is about 4 siblings, the oldest one is Henry, then Jessie, Violet and the youngest is Benny. The children had no parents only a grandpa but, they thought that he was very bad because he did not like their mother. The children had no place to stay. So, first the kids went to a bakery to sleep for the night .Henry and Jessie heard the owners of the bakery talking and, they said that they wanted to put the children to adoption even though they were not her children. The next day when there was a huge storm they went into the forest and they found a old box car and that is how they become the box car children. Then, they started making it their house and they also found a dog with no home so they kept it as a guard dog. Henry went to take a walk one day and he came back with food and money because he found a family he could work for. Every day Henry went to help the people to get food and money. The other day all the children went to help the people but Jessie got very ill and the people helped her until he was healthy. Eventually they find a good home.

"The Boxcar Children". This is because it is a really good novel.This book was published on June 1, 1989. The author is Gertrude Chandler Warner. If you want to know more, I will tell you a summary and share my opinions about this book.
target audience
Target Audience
For my reading strategies I used asking questions and I used this to get me more interested in the book.Some examples are what happened to the children's parents?Were did the dog come from,did it run away,get lost?How did the children have money in the first place to pay for food before they knew the people they helped?I like to ask these questions to help me understand how the character feels. Asking questions helps
me think more about
the book


I would like to recommend the book the box car children because for me it was the book I read the most times and when I started reading nothing would of stopped me because, I liked it so much. I know plenty of other people who love it as well. This should be recommended for people who like seeking new adventures and, realistic fiction books that always have a happy ending. This book is good for people who like realistic fiction, adventure because the kids always go to different places and and there is always something special in every place.

My other reading strategy is visualizing because for me it is the most important thing to do when I read. I think this because when I read I can't properly understand what is happening in the text or it wont be as interesting.Visualizing is like a movie but in my head or a painting that shows everything. Without visualizing a book would just be pages and pages of words. For example I imagined how big and full the cherry tree was when the children were picking them. I also visualized how big there back yard is to fit 2 of those trees.
While I was reading this text I also used inferring. I used inferring because it always encourages me to continue reading and find out the answer. Same thing with the asking questions when I ask a question I like to infer the answer and see if I am right. Other times I like to infer what would happen next in the text .Some examples are:when the children heard a stick crack in the middle of a abandoned forest, I inferred that it was the baker looking for them. Soon enough I did find the answer.
Asking questions
Gretude Chandler Warner
born in the
on April 16 1890
Had a sister called Frances and a brother called John
Distrust-not trustworthy,or not able to trust

Disband-to break up or dissolve

Displease-dislike not pleased
for me this book was really easy but that does not bother me by how much i like this book
In my opinion this book was really easy so this book is a book that you can just read for fun and it is only, 150 pages.You can be a kid or adult when you read this book
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