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Web & Mobile App Development Diploma

No description

Miguel Olivera

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Web & Mobile App Development Diploma

Android and iOS
Course schedule
Module 1- 13 weeks 260 hours
Become a...
Web & mobile App developer

Web designer

Web developer

Interface designer

Website analytic

iOS & Android

Air developer
- Over 19 years old or high school diploma
- Knowledge of computer basics
- English proficiency:
18 months
study & work program
18 month program:
At the beginning...
Study 20h/week
for the first year
At the end...
Work in a Canadian IT company the last six months
Module 3- 10 weeks 200 hours
Module 2- 13 weeks 260 hours
Module 4 - 16 weeks 320 hours
Wireless and mobile technology 40h
Web development for mobile devices 100 h
Rich media development 60h
Project management 60h
Air development 100h
Java development 160
Android app development & project for Android 200h

C and objective C 120h
iOS App development & project iOS 200h

Module 5 - 24 weeks 520 hours
Work for an IT company 520h

IELTS 6 or equivalent
*Student can take an English level assessment at Cornerstone College for free
Tuition fee: $12,000
Application fee: $250
Material: $1,200
Launching promotion
get two months English courses
for free!
About us
We are a designated institution by the Canadian government to host international students. Our students can apply for a study permit and work part-time while studying.
Web & Mobile App Development Diploma
- Hospitality Management Diploma
- ESL programs
- Web & App Development Diploma
New IT program
Starting September 2014
You also can work
Classroom will be equipped with MACs and Ipads
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