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BST Orientation Program

No description

Kirtan Chauhan

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of BST Orientation Program

BST 2012-2013
Pavitranand Swami
Aksharanand Swami (Rajabhai)
Bal Sevak Training
BST - What is it?
Held Across North America
Goal: Become Adarsh and Stay Adarsh (Adarsh: Now & Forever)
Be the
What it's NOT: Program is not so that you become a bal karyakar when you leave bal mandal.
It IS so you become a well-rounded balak once you leave.
Why Me?
Chosen Ones: Not because ______ but because ______
Sura Khachar
Discover and look within - It's TIME
What do have to do?
An Adarsh balak is what I want to be.
An adarsh student, shishya and sevak to please Swamishri.
He Maharaj, He Swami.
I pray you stand by me
As I begin my quest
To be the BeST!
I want to be Adarsh now
I want to stay Adarsh forever
I will be Adarsh now and forever
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