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North Africa

No description

Jasmine Reynolds

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North Africa
By Samantha and Jasmine Government Physicle Geography Visit Traditional People Popular Culture Country Type of Government Morocco
Tunisia Constitutional Monarchy
Multiparty Republic
Military Dictatorship
Multiparty Republic Who are they? They are,
Farmers, Nomidic Herders, Urbian
Dwellers, Traders, Merchants, Camel
Caravan Drivers, Desert Nomads. What are they like?
Most people speak Arabic
and follows the Islamic
Religion. Also they live
in Urban and Rural Regions Location Landforms Climate North and in
the Tropic of
Cancer region The Sahara Desert,
Atlas Mountains,
Libyan Desert, and
Red sea are in North
Africa area In Some areas it is
hot and dry and in the most
part of North Africa is
mild The Ten tribs of North Africa 1. Berbers- Mostly live in Morocco
and Algeria and most people pratice
Seminomadic Pastorlaism. Some people
are Muslims and speak a variety of Berber

2. Tuareg- Nomadic Berber people (also
called "Blue Men" of the Sahara) mostly
found in the desert regions of North Africa
and as far south as Nigera. There language
is called Tamacheq and has several different dialects and most people are muslims.

3. Arabs of North Africa- Orignally from southwest Asia and is th elargest ethnic group. The Bedouin are nomadic Arabs and are mostly found in the desert regions of Aligera, Libya, and Sudan. Arabic is the language of the Arabs and is most widely spoken language in North Africa. The vast majority of North African Arabs are muslims.

4. Copts- They are the Christian minority in Egypt. They have a Coptic language but they don't use it on a everyday basis They speak the language only for Coptic services. They speak Arabic on a everyday basis.

5. Dinka- They are the largest and most wide spred group in Southern Sudan. There language is also called Dinka. They have 3 religions. Christanity, Islamic, and the Dinka religion is th most followed one.

6. Baggara- They are nomadic paople
who live in Western and Central Sudan.
They are the desendent of the Bedouin
Arabs and Black Africans. The majoirty
of the Baggara people are muslims and
most people speak the Arabic language.

7. Naer- They live in Southern Sudan.
Most people speak the Naer language
that is also called Naer and follows the
people are closely realted to the Dinka.

8. Nuba- Live in the Nuba Hills of Southern
Sudan and they speak a variety of Kordofanian
language. Most people follow the Nuban religion
but people are coverting to the Islam and Christan

9. Shilluk- Live along the banks of the White Nile
River and follow the Shilluk religion and the language
is also called Shilluk.

10. Beja- They live in Northeastern Sudan and Eritrea
, some people pratice nomadic pastorlism while other people
settled in communites. At one time the Beja people where Christans,
now most are muslims and there language is also called Beja, but many people speak Arabic or Tigrina depending on where they live.

Side of a temple in
Egypt Flag of Tunisia Funerl house for a
king and his sons City in Morocco Copper store in Libya
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