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Rick Wormeli

Highlights from five different Wormeli books

Margaret Royce

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Rick Wormeli

The Road Ahead The First Year of Teaching The First Year Tell yourself you will make at least
twelve big mistakes during the day.
When you make them, feel bad for
a moment and then move on.
You are still with in budget. Four survival Tips:
Make a treasure box while in Preservice.
Make friends with the custodial staff.
Save your lesson plans from Student Teaching
and the first year.
Buy a lot of thank you cards and use them! Take a picture of
yourself on the first day.
You will never be the same. You will encounter individuals who
are at their most unlovable stages of
development, but are full of hope for
themselves and the world around them. While You are Surviving Practice pronunciation
before the first day.
Phuc Duch Mix academics with
get to know you
50/50 Best Way to Learn cards
Interest Surveys
Learner Profiles In Class Field Trip
Textbook Scavenger hunt
Tour of the school
What to do when the teacher is not available Explain the schedule
Paper formatting
Teach study skills
reveal Pet Peeves Explain grading and
Classroom policies early Use proactive discipline:
thoughtful seating charts
establish classroom rules jointly
show respect for students and expect it in return
esta blish good relationships Document, document, document Be independent, don't use something
just because others do. Label everything! Have a place for
turn in work, one
for each class. Your room says a lot about who you are:
Think about lighting, plants, physical spaces. The Daily Grind Teachers don't give grades
students earn them Percentages
4.0 The great homework debate Homework Buddies Class website Grouping is good! Peer social interaction Differentiated Instruction Contextual
Learning Don't be afraid
to ask for help
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