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Using Technology to Improve Critical Thinking & Self-Reflect

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Amy O'Dell

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of Using Technology to Improve Critical Thinking & Self-Reflect

Using Technology to Improve Critical Thinking &

Workshop Goals & Outcomes

Identify three learning tools that can create challenging and engaging activities

Sketch a concept for how one or more of these learning tools could be used to promote higher-order thinking in your course(s)
Soft Chalk
Cloud-based software which allows educators to create interactive, media-rich learning experiences for students
Subscriptions available for individuals, teams, and institutions
Moderate learning curve
Free alternative for student collaboration and reflection
Can be used for non-linear or organic discussions
Can host content as well as discussion
Small learning curve
Critical Scenario/Critical Reader Builder
Created by the University of Wisconsin
Free Beta version available by request
Can turn content into interactive, media-rich learning tool
Moderate learning curve
"To promote higher-order thinking on the Web, online learning must create challenging activities that enable learners to link new information to old; acquire meaningful knowledge; and use their metacognitive abilities . . . ."
(Bonk & Reynolds, 1997)
Amy O'Dell | Assistant Prof. & Chair of Legal Studies | Wilmington University
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