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What good is Twitter?

The value of social media for public service journalism

Hahn Nadja

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of What good is Twitter?

Editorial control – how to guarantee quality?

Are you ever private on Twitter?

Tweeting the competition

Killing your own scoop
Getting the news out faster
Engaging audience in a debate
More voices, more video, more pictures
Reaching a new audience
Reaching a younger audience
Saving money
Increasing credibility
Being accountable to the public
Where’s the public value?
Social Media in a Multimedia Newsroom
BBC Broadcasting House
"We talk to ordinary people in extraordinary situations.
We get information nobody else has.
The audience is at the heart of what we do.
If we didn't do that nobody would watch the BBC"

Dhruti Shah, BBC social media reporter
Communicating on social media
False information, fake people and images

Waste of time? You are your own editor!

Tunnel vision: Social media only represents a small group of people, Twitter more so than Facebook
Traps and Dilemmas
Producing better stories
Getting news faster
Finding more sources
Reflecting more views
Knowing what matters to the audience
Newsgathering: Public Value
1. Is social media public value?

2. How to use social media for newsgathering

3. How to communicate on social media

4. Effects on competition with private media
EBU Survey:
65% agree that social media provides social value

46% don't have a strategy

12% say that most reporters use it daily

Half say that a minority uses it daily
Many broadcasters still struggle
Nadja Hahn
EBU research fellow at the London School of Economics POLIS media think tank
Business reporter for ORF Radio
What Good is Twitter?
Austrian Dilemma: ORF's Facebook struggle

EBU Survey shows: Not a big topic elsewhere?

UK: Channel4, ITV, Times say BBC is not a threat

PSB Funding: Does ad revenue matter?
A threat to the competition?
Social Media is becoming an important news source
Why does it matter?
The value of social media to public service journalism
UK: 1 in 5 people come across a news story through social media

60% say they will click on link recommended by friends rather than other link
Source: 2012 Digital Report, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
"There is no question,
if you are not
on Facebook and Twitter,
you are not getting the full story"
Lyse Doucet, BBC Chief International Correspondent
Does social media change the definition
of public value?
BBC's new mission: "inform, educate, connect"

Audience influences editorial content more than ever

Obligation to reach audience: "Fish where the fishes are"

Efficiency: Make the most of license fee
It's about social justice - It's not about money
Claire Enders UK media consultant

Grow up and be different - Jason Mills, ITV

Focus on your strengths - Vicky Taylor, Channel 4

Even if BBC shut down Internet, we'd keep our online subscription model - Tom Whitwell, The Times

Media law should state mission of PSBs - Damian Tambini, LSE
Twitter more important than wire services

For debate, experts: Search Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Google Advanced Search

User generated content: Video, pictures, text
Social media for newsgathering
Communicating with the audience
Breaking a story on twitter
Giving a community a voice
Asking the audience a question
Providing a service
Accountability: Explaining your editorial choices
User Generated Content Team
Internet editors &
Facebook Writers
Twitter Writers
Social Media
Train journalists and editors
Give smartphones/tablets to all journalists
Create editorial guidelines
Define social media strategy for each programme
Give social media a central role in newsroom
Have a great multimedia website to link to

Contact me at nadja.hahn@orf.at
Follow me on Twitter @nadjasnews

Thanks for your attention
What's public value?
Reaching out
The competition
can deliver public value
is a way to reach new & young audience
is a skill like writing
is a tool like the mobile phone
is here to stay
needs old values of journalism
Not engaging in social media is a disservice to the public and a risk for the future
Social Media for Newsgathering
"I wouldn't hire anybody who doesn't know how to use Twitter"

Joanna Carr, BBC Radio 4, PM
More traps and dilemmas
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