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Copy of Cirques du Soleil

A circus that spread world wide to perform unique shows

Aleena Thomas

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Cirques du Soleil

Cirques du Soleil 1 Orgin of the circus
Cirque du Soleil A. Guy Liliberte B. Quebec C. Idea of Cirque Born on Sept. 2, 1959, in Quebec, Canada Left home in age of 18 to hitchhike across Europe to earn money.
Learned fire eating and walking on stilts from street performers he met along the way.
Created Cirque as part of Quebec's 450th anniversary celebration in 1984.
First offficial performance in June 16, 1984; Gaspe, Quebec They were broke in the first show, but he isn't afraid of taking risks, so he used the money to make a new show and moved on. Cirque du Soleil was first called the "Le Grand Tour de Cirque du Soleil." (Cirque Soleil's Grand Tour Cirque du Soleil meand the "Circus of the Sun" The shows of the circus are combined with many cultures and with music that match the performance.
It is also reinvented; mix up ancient stories with different cultures and music to perform a unique show. The influences of the show can be traced back to the Middle Ages The circus was started here and expanded around the world. In 1997, Cirque du Soleil was awarded the National Order of Quebec.
It was for the recognition of his contribution to Quebec's culture D. Employees Employees are from all ages.
Cirque won't reveal how much the employers get paid, but they are happy for what they get.
The circus provides food for them also. Cirque du Soleil's students study for twenty hours a week and still practice routines and performs ten shows. One reporter praised the performers as god-like atletes and flexible 11 Design. Step by Step. A. Inspiration of the Show B. Training C. Stage Set Up D. Music E. Choreographing Composing the sequence of steps and moves Makes the music to match the actions of the characters.
The music can be different for every show. Performers have train for months to master their actions.
The shows cna be permanent of traveling types.
Of course, the performers have to travel as well! Every show has their on stage settings.
For example: if it is a water show they have to build the Hydraulic System. Note: This all take months or years to make 111 Dralion Inspiration and Culture: A. B. C. Characters and Description: Stage set up and Location: the quest for harmony between humans and nature and the performers represent the four natural elements of air, water, fire and earth 50 acrobats, gymnasts, musicians and singers and its acts include aerial dancing, juggling, trampolines, and many other amazing acrobatic feats and costumes that took almmost three months to create.
The name Dralion comes from two main symbols-the dragon, from the East, and the lion, from the West. more than 1300 artists from close to 50 countries The WFCU Centre
8787 McHugh Street
Windsor, ON
Canada 1 v Quidam A. B. Characters and Description: Stage set up It is about a young girl that is tired of the world she lives in and escaped into a world of imagination. It is a huge stage with a gigantic arch.
Floor with metalic tiles that decaorated and embellished.
The stage reflects the mood and scenes V. "O" A. B. La Nouba V 1. Stage set up Characters and Description: A. Description: B. Stage set up and Location: Means creating masterpiece
Characters are allowed to apply their own make up Learned to tame water
The stage is filled with water
Makes water reflection “ ‘O’ is liquid magic…”

Los Angeles Times About dreams and nightmares intersecting in the atic
Challanges to uncover passion and dreams that was thought to be long lost The stage reflects the scenes on the show
One of the lacation is in Walt Disney Resort in Florida V 11. Algeria. A. B. Description: Stage Set Up: It is about the ancient wimes where monarchs rule
Alegría is a mood, a state of mind This show has its own stage set up that matches with the mood and scenes of the show 1 X. Mystere A. B. Description Stage set up Influences by mythology
Classic Cirque du Soleil with powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics, and inspiring imagery The stage for this show is according to it scene, gives a unimaginagble life that is breath taking. X. Foundation and Partners A. B. Cirque du Monde One Drop Foundation C. Donation Since 1994, several hundred young people had joined this program
About 30 coaches attended this program
Created by Cirque du Soleil to help young youth to learn artistic and educated them In 2007, Guy made the One Drop Foundation, non-profit that funds safe water programs to fight poverty.
Donated $100 million over 25 years to cover the operating costs of this foundation. Each year the company gives the equivalent of 1 percent of earnings to culture and social initiatives.
Gives money to operate their Cirque du Monde project which developed to 80 or more communities X 1 Facts Franco Dragone is a major figure and director in Cirque
Guy is the artistic director
Animals are not used to perform in the shows
Acts without speaking
Every show has its own stage settings
Works with Disney
They have a studio that was build in 2004 with 3,000 employees and artists from 40 different countries, speaking 25 different languages Other Pics. X 11
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