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Copy of Welcome Back to School

No description

Kittichai Deeying

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome Back to School

Saint Gabriel's College,Thailand
Background of the Project
Our inspiration in inventing this device to secure senior citizens after
falling down at homes or even in hospitals by alerting surrounding
people with beep sound and sent SMS to family member.
Making Process Plan

Flow Chart
Result Analysis
In 2015 Thailand became an old people society and the number of senior citizens increases each year. Most senior citizens live with their family members who have to work. Most of them have to stay at home by themselves during the day and it is likely that an accident may occur. If such accident occurs, they may be unable to help themselves because of their illness or weakness.
Lambda is Arduino compatible board. Like the Arduino Uno board,
Lambda board can be programmed with Arduino Ide.A corresponding slot enables the use of a shield Arduino Uno Maker to be ideal for e-learning and to use it to create a prototype of the idea. The Lambda Forum together with the newest Atmel ATMEGA328PB chip and a special version of the board comes with a sensor based both Temperature & Humidity, 3-axis Acceleromter, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Magnetometer and Barometer makes it ideal for navigation. Due to the development of the device to transfer data from the chip.

Study and Design
Arduino Software (IDE)
I love my School

POwER Supply BOX

- Lambda Board
- 3G Shield (UC20-G)
- 3G GSM Rubber Antenna
850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
- Power supply adapter
- USB3.0 wire
- SIM card
- Case Box

Smart Fall Alert
New Innovation For Help Senior Citizens
The picture shows the increase in population of senior citizen over 65 (since2010to2031) Data from: the Office of the National Economic
Development Board (NEDB)

The picture shows the cause of death and disability of senior citizen in Thailand (the highest percentage of death and handicapped for senior citizen is caused by falling) Data from: Seniors Association
More then 40.4% Fall
The result of the operation of this device is that when the elderly sleeps, sits, stands, walks or jumps in constant speed, the accelerometer sensors do not work and the device will not transmit voice or SMS message. When the elderly begins to fall, the accelerometer sensors do not work and the device will not transmit voice or SMS message. However, when speed of the fall increases,. the accelerometer sensor then works and the device will capture it. The device will alert for help and will send SMS to inform relatives.
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