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Timeline Investigation 3

No description

Cian Bygate

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Timeline Investigation 3

Timeline Investigation 3
Circa 500 BC
79 AD
Circa 600 BC
Circa 800 BC
Pompeii Captured Again
474 BC The Etruscans were defeated by Greek and Pompeii was taken over.
Mt. Vesuvius Erupted
The Unknown Volcano Mt. Vesuvius Erupted. Pompeii was devastated. When Pumice started falling from the sky the people of Pompeii knew something was wrong. It was catastrophic and it killed over 5000 people and destroyed od buried nearly all structures.
The Construction of Pompeii Began
Pompeii was actually built by the Oscans but was captured by the Romans in the year of Circa 80 BC. The Oscans are people from the time of the ancient Romans and they live south-central Italy.
Pompeii Captured
On Circa 600 BC Pompeii was captured by the Greeks from Cumae. Their progress north is dies quickly for they are stopped by Etruscans. Etruscans is the modern name for a civilization of ancient Italy.
The Roman Era
The Roman era has started. The Samnite wars began. The Samnite wars is the war for Italy. The first one ranged from 363 BC - 351 BC.
Pompeii Captured Again!
On Circa 80 BC Pompeii was captured by the Roman along with the rest of Italy. They Continued to invade. They invaded as far north they reached United Kingdom.
343 BC
Circa 80 BC
Pompeii Was Discovered
On 1599 AD Pompeii was first discovered by Domenico Fontana. Not many people knew about in until later in 1748 Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre found Pompeii and told everyone
1559 AD
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