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Scottboro Boys Trial

No description

hector bardales

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Scottboro Boys Trial

Scottboro Boys Trial Hector Bardales
Sebastian Flores
Nilcio Duran Alabama Trials of Death The Injustice Continues Haywood Patterson Pardon Denied! The Scottboro Case Shameful Injustices In 1931 the Scottsboro boys are arrested for assault and rape. In jail, a group of white people tried to lynch them. The boys are sentenced to execution and the first one is Willie Stokes. Samuel Leibowitz is not allowed to be laywer to defend the boys. Then, Haywood Patterson was sentenced to die in the electric chair. The other trials are postponed because of the danger in the places near by. Judge Horton grants a new trial and it is removed from his juridiction and is sent to Judge William's Callahan's Court.
Haywood Patterson was accused for rape and he is convicted and senteced to death. Two lawyers try to bribe Victoria Price and changer her opinion about the testimony. Haywood Patterson is accused for a
fourth time and is sentenced to 75 years
of prison. His conviction was upheld by
the Alabama Supreme Court.
Clarence Norris, Andy Wright, Charlie
Weems, and Ozzi Powell were sent to
prison. Some for raping and others for
homicide. The Scottsboro boys trial is one of the most shameful events in America's injustices due to not giving the accused the presumption of innocence. In fact giving a presumption of guilty until it is established as innocence beyond reasonable doubt. The boys were almost hanged or lynched by a large white group in March. In January of the next year Ruby Bates admits that she was not raped. In March the Supreme Court takes charge and 7 of the nine votes decided to convict the boys. Most charged men asked to be pardon but were all denied. They spent between 5 - 16 years in prison before they died or were executed. Again... Haywood Patterson, one of the accused of the crime gets involved in a fight and kills someone. He is charged with murder and had to spent between 6 -15 years in prison, but dies only 1 year later. Connections to To Kill a Mockingbird The book talks about Tom Robinson raping a white woman.
Tom and the Scottcsboro Boys loose in their trials.
In both events, they lost because they were discriminated.
Both events occured because the people accused were in the wrong place and at the wrong time
Thank you Bibliography http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/scottsboro/sb_chron.html http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/FTrials/scottsboro/SB_acct.html
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