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Is Peace Possible?: The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

World Cultures CA By: Khyati,Emilyn, aBbY the dumbo

Khyati Jariwala

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Is Peace Possible?: The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Is Peace Possible?: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
We think that technically there is no certain peace plan. We came up with keeping everyone as is but just take out all of the violence that is involved.

They could also make a single
land together and call it
Palesrael or Israelistine.
Our Peace Plan
Historian (Emilyn)
Since the Israelis have a better army then the Palestinians, many of the Palestinians are being killed as they fight for their land.
(I'm pretty sure if they keep fighting, all of the Palestinians are going to have to surrender and find a new place to live.)
Impact Investigator (Khyati)
Advisor (AbBy ThE DuMbOtToM)
Camp David Summit, 2000

Why did not work- it would mean the end of
Israel as a Jewish state and both lost faith in
the process

Advantages for Palestines- Control over
East Jerusalem including most of the old city

Disadvantages to Israelis- Transfer
of land to Palestine control
The Beginning
In the 1800's, a group
in Europe wanted to
create a Jewish state.
They eventually chose
At first, nothing went
wrong. But as more and
more people came, it
got crowded, which
led to some fighting.
The country got even more crowded because
of Hitler's
restrictions on
The UN
In 1947, the UN tries to help. However,
instead of letting the citizens of the land
choose what should happen to the land,
they decided to try it for themselves and
wanted to share the land to the Jewish.

The UN suggested giving away 55% of the land
to become a Jewish state- but there weren't
very many Jewish people there at that time.
Ever since the Jews/Israelis have moved into the Arabs/Palestinians land, violence has become a severe issue for not only them but the world.
(That is when the conflict began.)
Made by: Emilyn Busby, Khyati Jariwala, and aBbY tHe DuMbOtToM
The Israelis think that they were promised this land by god.(My point is that they think this land is meant for them to live in.)
The Palestinians feel that they have been here all this time so why should they move out of the land they've already settled in.
Now that the world is pulled into this, everyone including Barack Obama is trying to become the "hero" of this conflict and come up with a master peace plan.
There was a war from
1947-1949 over the land of

By the end of the war, Israel
conquered 78% of Palestine.

Almost a million Palestinians
had to move out of Palestine, and
everything Palestinian was
replaced with a Jewish name
or removed altogether.
1967 War
In 1967, Israel was still conquering
more land. After the Six Day War,
Israel took over the last 22% of Palestine,
the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Conflict Today
Israel has almost complete
control over the Palestinians in
Gaza and West Bank.

For example, over 10,000
Palestinians are in Israeli prisons,
and few of them had an actual trial.
All Palestinian borders are guarded
by Israelis.
Sometimes even
the Israeli guards
won't let women in
labor into a hospital,
which usually results in
Oslo Records
The Oslo Peace Records
of 1993 say that Israel
was supposed to become
a Palestinian state. But
year after year, Israel kept
confiscating land and made
living conditions worse,
which caused Palestinians
to rebel.
US Involvement Today
US taxpayers give Israel
around $8 million dollars a day,
and has given more funds to
Israel than anyone else in the world.

As Americans are learning how
Israelis are using our money for
war purposes, many are wanting
the funding to cease.
2 State Solution
Why it didn't work-calls for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Advantages- they will both be split up into 2 states and should leave it alone

Disadvantages- must address and resolve a number of core issues
why it didn't work-was handled in secret
advantages- would determine a final peace agreement to resolve these issues: final borders, security arrangements, Jerusalem,
disadvantages-the Oslo Accord forced both sides to come to terms with each other's existence
They would most
likely not argue with
how much land they
have if they come
together, which would
lead to less deaths and
suffering, which would
lead to less money
lended from the USA
to Israel.
If the borders disappeared,
guards would be out of a job
for a while.

Israel and Palestine might
argue over the name.
Our brains and our ideas
Why it Will Work
This peace plan would
work because Israel and
Palestine could work
together and might lead
to lesser deaths. It would also work because both Israel and Palestine would have to sacrifice something.
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