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Social Innovation Generation


Renjie Butalid

on 14 October 2009

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Transcript of Social Innovation Generation

SiG is a collaborative initiative which seeks to address Canada's social and ecological challenges by creating a culture of continuous social innovation. Social Innovation Generation SiG@Waterloo
University of Waterloo
Our goal is to generate and disseminate new knowledge about social innovations and the social innovation processes; special focus on creating conditions for academics and universities to participate in social innovation. SiG@Waterloo McConnell Fellowship Program

SiG Case Study & Working Paper Series

WICI proposed research activities

Emerging Canadian Resilience Alliance Research Education Outreach - Waterloo Region Outreach - Canada & International Graduate Program in Social Innovation

WICI Speaker Series

Public Presentations

Pilot Courses 2009 Studio Waterloo

Waterloo Story of Social Innovation

Significant local partnerships emerging Sustain-Agility Workshop Series

Scenario Thinking

Innovation in University Engagement

The S.I. Generation

Significant national partnerships emerging

UK Social Innovation Study Tour education, mentorship and research activities with six multi-disciplinary postgraduate fellows Designing New Graduate Program in Social Innovation – inter-institution/sector collaboration Pilot courses 2009: New SiG Faculty Members
Uundergrad – Leadership for Social Innovation;
Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Graduate – Seminars on Social Innovation Frances Westley and other SiG staff: Conference presentations in Waterloo, across Canada and globally Annual Speaker Series
Capacity-building workshops
Focus on Youth: Studio Earth United Way
Capacity Waterloo
Eastwood High School Designing Workshop Series for innovative social sector organizations: ‘Sustain-Agility’ ‘Experimenting’ in community capacity building and systems transformation Convening academic/cross-sector partnerships to illuminate effective, high-impact, replicable processes Designing collaborative national strategy to support Young Social Innovators Canadian Index of Well-Being
Community Foundations Canada
National Public Policy Forum
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