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Detection of Coolant Leakage using OA-ICOS

No description

Lim Lee

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of Detection of Coolant Leakage using OA-ICOS

중수로 (Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor : PHWR)
경수로 (Pressurized Water Reactor : PWR ) 흡수신호
(Absorption Signal) Signal to Noise Ratio
(SNR) Signal Enhancement

Noise Reduction Optical cavity Enlarged
absorption path length WMS / FMS Nuclear
Reactor 냉각펌프 원자로 가압기 증기발생기 이림, 박현민, 김택수, 고광훈, 정도영 Summary Detecting HDO concentration is a useful method for a coolant leak sensor.

The optical path length was enhanced
more than 1000 times of the cavity (cell) length in OA-ICOS cell.

OA-ICOS technique is sufficiently sensitive and robust for a coolant leak sensor.

Simultaneous detection of leak amount and leak location was demonstrated.

OA-ICOS is a useful technique for a potably compact and real-time leak detection sensor SNR ~ 200 Linear !!! HDO in Natral water
~ 320 ppm SNR ~ 200 320 / 200 = 1.6 ppm
5 permil
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