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TJ Rivard

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

PLA & CBE Credit Where are we? Pressures We Face There's more? University of Wisconsin A set of questions: Indiana University Regional Campuses All campuses consider PLA credit. CLEP
Others? Differences Cost per Credit Hour
$21 up to $105 max per course
Equal to tuition per credit hour CLEP Exams:Variety of Differences
Range of accepted exams
Range of acceptable scores
Range of accepted credit Not all campuses list the same exams
Scores: most 50 - 55 (Widest range = 50 - 70 Acct)
Discrepancies of Credit:
English Lit = most extreme:
3 to 6 credit hours
L198 OR L297 & L298 OR L301 & L302 None of this is necessarily a bad thing;
it's just where we are. Increase educational attainment/Improve achievement gap:

• Increase graduation rate
• Increase transfer rate
• Increase employment pathways
• Implement state mandates Improve student pathways (accelerate time to degree:

Move degrees to 120 cr. hr. max
Accept Statewide Gen Ed Core
offer 2+2 degrees (SB 182: implemented by 2015)
accept ACE recommendations on military
coursework (HB 1116 - passed 2012:
not implemented yet)
Title IV Eligibility for PLA/CBE Credit (SNHU) Improve affordability:

• lower tuition
• lower student debt There is an expansion of student opportunities. How is PLA & CBE Credit Counted? General Studies, Gen Ed, or Elective credit only
Academic Programs in rare instances to regular acceptance in Academic programs for some credit. In addition, there are pressures that come from other institutions and potential future legislation? MOOC's
MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) Credit
Transferred PLA/CBE credit WGU SNHU College for America Flexible Degree CBE Just a few examples: Featured Characteristics:
Faculty mentors
Competency Based on a variety of methods (online modules, exams, portfolios, etc.
Accelerated Completion (potentially)
Direct assessment degree tracks (SNHU-CfA, Capella Univ.)
Variety of degree programs
Information Tech
General Studies
Health Professions Where does this lead us? We will see more and more of these credits on transcripts, what will we do with them?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating consistent PLA/CBE policy & practice?
Do we need to be competitive?
If so, what would that look like -- same degrees, different ones, badges, certificates, etc.?
Joint, regional programs?
Modes of delivery? Online self-paced modules, portfolios (region-wide?), exams (same cut scores?)
Should this be a focus? How urgent is it? And then there are MOOC's
but are they a major factor? ACE Reccs. Caveat Emptor CA & FL Bills Bellevue University Flexxive Antioch University CAEL & PA Public Univs. Pearson Exams
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