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335 JetBlue Media Plan

No description

Amanda Schweer

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of 335 JetBlue Media Plan

SWOT 4 P's People Competitive Spending Place Price Promotion -Partners with Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, and Cape Air -Flies to 60 destinations in 12 countries -Based in 45 United
State’s cities Poise is defined as a state being dignified in a self-confident manner. Here at Poise Co. we pride our company on those values. The key members of our team, Amanda, Alexa and Kelsey have worked to create an agency that is ahead of the curve in innovative media ideas. We strive for strategic and creative excellence for every one of our clients. We are professional. We are bold. We are poised. -Spring and summer, vacation
travel increases by 30% and
business travel decreases
by 10% -Men and women business travelers generate about half of the revenue miles -small price range for
flights -Neighboring states, like Boston, MA to Washington D.C., are $70 each way -Flights across that nation, New York, NY to New Orleans, LA, cost around $109 each way -Vacation travel for New York, NY to Bermuda, for example, costs $140 each way -JetBlue spends the majority of its advertising budget in: -Magazines
-Local and National Newspapers
-National Spot and Local Radio
-Outdoor Advertising Like JetBlue airlines, American and Delta airlines, spend their advertising budget in national and local newspapers, national spot and local radio, Internet and outdoor advertising. JetBlue’s direct competitors, Skybus and Virgin America, spend their budget in the same media areas as well. -Tends to stay away from mediums such as network and syndicated television Plan Summary JetBlue
Objectives Target Women, 25-34

Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

12 Months (starting in March)

Internet, Television, Radio, Magazines, Outdoor Advertising, New Media

$6,000,000 Creative Geographic Time Twitter Target Market: women - ages 25-34 (index 124)
family oriented
apt to book family vacations (travel increases 30% in summer months)
expect quality, timliness, and reasonable prices Geographic Market: Timing: -Offer great deals and promotions on Twitter already
-Target market is involved and affected by new media
-We introduce the following:
Advertise our new promotions and services
Create a buzz about Jet Blue’s quality service by having a “time request” service
Increase Jet Blue’s following by giving incentives to those who already follow when they invite others to do so

OUR JETBLUE TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/PoiseJB

Tweets: Media Vehicles: Budget: focus positive attention on quality service of Jet Blue
humorous tag lines "Don't get bumped, ride Jet Blue"
enforce qualities - promptness, does not economize
ads will show Jet Blue as glamorous yet affordable goal to increase coastal travel - coastal destinations draw 25% more seat miles in summer months
does not operate nationally - place focus on areas Jet Blue is available
4 hot travel spots - Chicago (123), Pittsburgh (86), Ft. Lauderdale (96), and Boston (126) Spot National Television (primetime and morning):
- Good Morning America
- The Today Show
- Desperate Housewives
- Modern Family
*All of these shows are highly watched
by viewers and all exceed indexes of 100

- Oprah Magazine (111)
- People (260)
- Self (64)
*provides a wide range of viewers.

Twitter - generate talk throughout
media world goal to increase passenger seat miles by 5% by advertising heavily within spring and summer months
July -- highest amount spent on advertising
May - June and August - September -- less than july, but high amounts spent on advertising Radio (news, classical, talk stations):
- News stations (217)
- Classical rock (162)
- Talk stations (122)
* provides a high number of listeners

- Billboards
* reaches a large audience Media & Vehicles Social Media Thank You! "Complaints, raves, feedback? Go to our website to fill out a brief questionnaire to receive 10% off of your next JetBlue flight! "Want to win a free flight?! Grab your phone, scan the code, maybe you will be the next JetBlue free flyer!" (QR CODE)
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