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WWI Dog Fights

The art of dog fighting in WWI will be explained.

Caleb Maddas

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of WWI Dog Fights

By Caleb Maddas Dog Fighting Dog Fights How dog Fighting influenced WWI - Great Britain, France, Austria, Russia, and the United States made up most of the dog fighting scenes.

- Most planes made during WWI were produced by France and Great Britain.

- At first, this air-warfare was nothing more than firing hand held guns at each other while in the air.

-The first reported dog fight was on September 8, 1914 by Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov when he rammed an Austrian recon plane. All involved died in the crash to follow.

- Well skilled pilots were referred to as aces and many became war heroes.

- - Dog fighting began because technology advanced, and the styles of warfare were quickly changing.

- Dog fighting took place all over Europe where enemy pilots met, mostly by chance, in the skies for aerial combat.

- Fighting with fitted machine guns began soon after French pilot Louis Quenault shot at a German plane using his machine gun.

- There were problems with using mounted machine guns, however.

- - Dog fighting is a type aerial combat that is short range and between fighter aircraft.

- Modern dog fighting first appeared in WWI.

- Inventors worked to come up with ways to implement the new planes being produced into war.

- Fighters, Bombers and Ground-Attack planes were introduced.

- Aircraft were intentionally used for reconnaissance. - Mounting machine guns became difficult because of the ways planes were being produced.

- Forward firing machine guns made for an easier offensive strike.

- A rear mounted gun did wonders for defending the planes.

- Eventually, engineers wanted to put weapons between the pilot and propeller.

- After many experiments and broken propellers, timing was set and bullets could shot between the spinning blades

- Design ideas were often stolen, therefore creating a race to make an efficient working fighter plane. Some planes used Germany - AEG C.IV Great Britain - Airco DH.2 U.S. - Martin MB-1 / Glenn Martin Bomber -Dog Fighting helped to end the stalemate.
- Recon could be done even when not dog fighting.
-The concept led to new inventions and advances in technology.
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