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WCB (Wi-Fi CAN Bridge) - wireless CAN communication

Presentation of the WCB module. Wireless CAN communication through Wi-Fi. An invention by Electrum Automation AB. Tip: You can navigate through the presentation by pressing left or right arrow on your keyboard.

Thomas Isaksson

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of WCB (Wi-Fi CAN Bridge) - wireless CAN communication


Today, CAN networks are
used in many vehicles and
CAN bus
CAN nodes
What is this?
The Wi-Fi CAN Bridge
Implements wireless CAN communication
over Wi-Fi!
Follow me and I will tell you more about this thing.
...regardless of what platform you are using, such as Android, iOS, PC, MAC, Windows phone etc.
The WCB has a built-in HTTP server which enables you to connect to it, for example, from your smartphone!
One or multiple WCBs can be configured to connect to one specific Access Point /router
The WCB has a built-in Management Page where you can monitor CAN status, make software updates, establish a bridge connection etc.
We know that different customers has different demands.
So in addition to the Management Page, there is also a possibility to create other customized web pages. If you've got programming skills, this is a great feature! Because it enables you to show exactly the data you need and in the way you prefer.
For example, it will keep you constantly updated about each battery condition in a fleet of fork lifts...
...and thanks to the built-in memory, it can log and store time-based data when the network is down or out of range with the Access Point.
It automatically transmits saved data when in range again.
In some situations, a cable is a disadvantageous or impossible solution.
We have the solution!
Just connect two WCB modules
and you have a wireless CAN bridge.
This example illustrates CAN data received and monitored on a display in the drivers cabin.
The WCB is not designed to function as a bridge for wireless steering/control.
The WCB makes your work more flexible
I can do a software update on a specific CAN node, directly from my portable pad!
For more information,

What about remote connections?
Don't get left behind, go wireless
And you are over here and wants to access it
The WCB is mounted on a vehicle over here
I mean really far away remote connection!
Is it possible?

Designed for use in vehicles and mobile machinery
Easy to configure
Built-in HTTP server with a Management Page + customizable web pages (optional)
Supports remote connection!
Supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B with bus speeds up to 1Mbit/s
with the
Logs and stores time-based data in internal memory
Supports connectivity to any Wi-Fi device
Can function as a wireless CAN bridge
Ok, so let me sum things up about the advantages with the WCB
It's robust and resistant
It's a cheap investment
It promotes mobility
Innovation partner
80mm (~3,15 inches)
80mm (~3,15 inches)
It's easy to find a mounting space for the WCB, because of its small size.
The WCB can be delivered with two connectors
12 pole M12 Female connector (optional)
5 pole M12 Male connector (standard)
Ok, so let's have a look at the backside
The back panel is divided into two vertical sections, one for CAN and the other for Wi-Fi
The diodes and tables gives you a good overview of current state
Use the buttons for easy first-time installation
All molded in a transparent, soft, resistant and waterproof mass.
Supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B with bus speeds up to 1Mbit/s
But what if the network is down, or the Access Point is out of range?
Data can then be sent to an SQL server, for further analyze and interpretation
And then you can connect to the desired WCB module and gain full access to its Management Page and/or the customized web page.
The WCB promotes mobility, so we made it possible.
All you need is an ordinary internet connection.
Built-in antenna
The sticker holds all neccessary information to be able to connect to it.
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