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And Then There Were None

animal references

rachel nesbit

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of And Then There Were None

Mr. Justice Wargrave Wargrave was described as a reptile, “Mr justice Wargrave closed his eyes again, looking decidedly reptilian,” because they are slow, and he is older so he doesn't walk as fast as the others. Agatha used these quotes to describe him as a frog and tortoise “where had he seen that frog- like face, that tortoise- like neck, that hunched up attitude- yes, and those pale shrewd little eyes?” Philip Lombard Lombard is a dangerous man, he always carries a gun around with him just in case he gets into trouble. Agatha describes him as a wolf saying that "he had a wolf like smile" and "his teeth showed what almost a snarl was". She also describes him as a panther,“moved like a panther, smooth and noiselessly” These two animals are completely different a panther is sneaky whereas a wolf would pounce on its prey. Animal Imagery Agatha Christie uses animal imagery to describe her characters, because they turn more beastly to try to survive Mr.Blore Vera Claythorne Vera is described as a bird, I think this says that she has a way about her that know one thinks to blame her because she seems free and none hurting. “her eyes stared ahead of her into space. She looked dazed. She was like a bird that had dashed its head against glass and that has been picked up by a human hand. It crouches there, terrified, unable to move, hoping to save itself by its immobility” Anthony Marston Anthony is described as a bull, has no fears and craves action. Agatha wrote "Anthony was a creature of sensation –and of action" also writes "a young bull with no nerves and precious little brainsh no nerves and precious little brains." By: Agatha Christie And Then There Were None Blore is described as a slow padding animal that is ready for a fight or to pounce, I think this means that he is laid back but ready for anything. “his walk was that of a slow padding animal. His eyes were bloodshot. There was a look of mingled ferocity and stupidity about him. He was like a beast at bay ready to charge its pursuers”
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