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IT STrategy

No description

Jennifer Cahill

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of IT STrategy

Business Scope

Electrical & Instrumental
Fabrication Oil and Gas Mining Cahill Group of Companies Water Treatment SAMM Implementing Information Technology Strategy
G. J. Cahill & Company Ltd.

Jennifer Cahill
Benjamin Dittrich
Farhana Nahed
Jouni Purhonen
Zachary Verdun Institutional Power Generation Performance Metrics Technology Scan What is Cahill ? Why Implement an IT Strategy? The Cahill Group of Companies safely executes "best in class" Mechanical, Process, Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Projects meeting international standards through excellence and innovation in project management, site supervision, value engineering and quality workmanship The Cahill Group of Companies will be the preferred Mechanical, Process, Electrical and Instrumentation Contractor in Atlantic and Western Canada Vision Mission We will lead our industry in terms of performance, professionalism and quality of work

We are committed to a continuous improvement management philosophy where our experiences and knowledge are used to enhance Company processes

Cahill, 2012 While the network
was designed as a fully
meshed network, the network topology is primarily “hub and spoke” with the IT Services Headquarters as the hub.
All the core systems and
services are at this site Business Strategy

Organizational Infrastructure & Processes

IT Strategy

IT Infrastructure
& Processes Jonas Management Software

Low Automated HR System

IT is a Cost Centre SAM IT Business Future IT Strategy ERP Knowledge
Management Cloud Safety First
Work-Life Balance
Enhanced Employment
Develop Client Relationships
Ownership in Work
Industry Leader
Quality Performance
Continuous Improvement Philosophy
Privacy and Confidentiality Values Employee Capability Metrics Operational Metrics EERP Cloud Knowledge Management Customer Quality Metrics Financial Productivity Metrics Aging Infrastructure
Dated Financial system
Low Automated HR management system
No Knowledge Capturing
Low Business and IT alignment Cloud Solutions Past ERP Software Workday Knowledge Management Aligned IT and Business Strategies
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