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ringu april 4th

No description

Gilang Pradana

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of ringu april 4th

Latest Development Status
> CampFire
> Start-Up Competition finalist at AWE in San Jose
> Finalist in Purmundus Design Challenge 2012, Germany
> Urban Culture
> Culture Geek : une Saint-Valentin geek - 14/02
“Hugging” the ring by one person transmits the touch sense digitally to the other ring which replicates the sensation.
Using Bluetooth 4.0 the ring communicates with your smartphone which transmits the touch message over the internet.
To pair two rings all you need to do it bring them together to trigger its powers, or, if they are remote – use the complementary mobile app.
What is RingU?
Media Features
Current Development Stage
How Does it Work?
world’s first tele-hug ring.
With RingU you can give your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend a remote hug no matter how far you are from each other. Anywhere you are, just hug the ring on your finger and at the same moment your significant other will feel that hug. For that very instant, you’ll feel each other’s warm presence.
For anyone in a relationship, romantic, platonic or by blood, age 8 to 88, who sometimes during the day cares to share their warm feelings but cannot be together because they are busy. With RingU, you’ll always be able to share your feelings with your friends, family, or loved one.
Who is it For?
Prototype 1 : XBee
Prototype 2 : Bluetooth 4.0 + iPhone App
Authentication, Partner Select, Location Service,
Connection to Ring via Bluetooth
Thank You for
Your Attention! :)
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