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Riley Peters

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Birmingham

Riley Peters

Birmingham is a city known for it's strict enforcement of total segregation in public life. Also had a reputation for racial violence.
On April 3rd 1963, king flew into Birmingham to hold a planning meeting with the members of the African- American community.
King and a small band of marchers were arrested during a demonstration on Good Friday, April 12th. While in jail king wrote an open letter to white religious leaders.
On April 20th, King posted bail and began planning more demonstrations. On May 2nd, more than a thousand African- American children marched in Birmingham. On May 3rd a second "children's crusade" came face to face with a police force. Police swept the marchers and set dog attacks on them and clubbed those who fell.
Continued protests, an economic boycott, and negative media coverage finally convinced Birmingham officials to end segregation. It stunned civil rights victory inspired African- Americans across the nation. Also convinced president Kennedy that only a new civil rights act could end racial violence and satisfy the African- Americans.
Church Bombing
September 15, 1963 - A bomb blast at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, kills four African-American girls during church services. At least 14 others are injured in the explosion, including Sarah Collins, the 12-year-old sister of Addie Mae Collins, who loses an eye.
Three former Ku Klux Klan members are eventually convicted of murder for the bombing.
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